Internet Solutions
Internet Solutions

To stand out from the rest of their competitors, wholesalers must offer a broadband solution that maximises value for customers.

With the rapid growth in the number of ISPs across South Africa, wholesalers simply cannot afford to offer an inferior service.

Less than a decade ago, fibre networks didn’t exist beyond affluent business nodes and gated residential communities. This has changed dramatically in recent years with fibre networks rolling out far and wide, including to lower-income and rural areas. At the same time, broadband fibre has steadily become more affordable and capable with uncapped services now offering consumers speeds of 100Mbps or more at highly competitive prices.

And “competitive” is certainly an accurate description of the current landscape with dozens of service providers now selling fibre packages. This has created a bustling market with customers now gaining access to a wide range of choices available from small and large providers. To tap into this lucrative market, it’s vital to offer a world-class service – and an established partner with world-class infrastructure to leverage makes that possible.

Wholesale Managed Broadband from IS

IS offers a wholesale Managed Broadband service that gives ISPs a competitive edge regardless of their size. This provides access to an enormous product range across fibre, DSL, LTE, 3G or WiFi infrastructure, or any combination of these services, through usage-based or per-service pricing.

With our web-based portal, provisioning services quickly and safely couldn’t be easier. This allows you to immediately begin reaping the benefits of our established relationships with South Africa’s leading infrastructure providers.

With our wholesale Managed Broadband solution, you get three fully redundant IP-connect (IPC) nodes, three redundant international routes, more than 14 network-to-network interfaces (NNIs) to fibre last-mile providers to facilitate services through any established partner network and access to four mobile networks.

More key benefits

Flexibility is a hallmark of our service. For starters, we offer five static IPs with selected services. We also allow for any service to be plug-and-play, as long as it meets our router requirements. We offer contention ratio services for larger clients for dedicated bandwidth allocation exclusively for your customers.

Furthermore, we offer two billing options so you can choose the one that best suits your budget planning preferences – either by total bandwidth used or per account in respect of each service provisioned. We also have a team of expert engineers on hand 24/7 to help you with any queries.

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