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If you want to impress your customers. Successful companies do more than just sell a great product or service – they evolve and keep a close eye on their customer’s experiences and, thanks to technology this has become much easier.

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When companies are too focused on improving their products or services to deliver on their “brand promise”, they often neglect how the customer perceives the brand. According to Russ Klein, the exuberant CEO of the American Marketing Association, cited in this article, “Marketers should be in the business of experience design. That is where every business needs to start. The storytelling will follow from that.” This involves rethinking the execution of every aspect of customer and company interactions.

Why customer service should be integrated with technology

Customers demand good service from each interaction with the brand, whether this is over the phone, through electronic channels such as email or chat or social channels. The case in point is that customers want you to notice them and fast. You cannot accomplish this without the aid of communication technology. Thanks to big data and tracking capabilities, companies can gain customer insights with uncanny accuracy. For instance, American Airlines realised that 41% of its passengers were using their phone’s text message and wireless Internet capabilities through an innovative technographic assessment. American Airlines then used this insight to target these customers and improved their customer service by offering a mobile website for advanced transactions.

Businesses should ensure that they do not create communication silos. Your customer service experience must be nimble enough to allow customers to start a conversation on one platform and complete it on another. For instance, if potential clients fill out their contact details on a company’s website, they should receive additional information via email or a phone call from a sales representative. Communication channels must be integrated for agents to have a holistic overview of traditional and digital interactions.

Think international customer service

Whether you’re at the level of serving international clients or will shortly do this as your business grows, you need to use collaboration tools that are ready and able to facilitate effective communications instead of disrupting them. This is why it’s insufficient to keep only one type of communication tool on your premises. Can you safely rely on an outdated, legacy telephone in this digital realm? No, you need the perfect mix of communication tools to aid collaboration. For instance, an instant messaging platform will be the right tool to use for internal communications. Similarly, enterprise social software and video conferencing systems will bring an international team closer together by bridging the physical divide.

Keep an eye on your social media platforms

Ensure someone is always watching comments and queries that appear on your social feed. Unlike a phone call, social media interactions are public. Questions that go unanswered will not only saddle you with a bad reputation, but also leave you with fewer customers. In a world of constant and instant communications, customers expect their responses to be seen, acknowledged and actioned as soon as possible.

Regardless of how customers seek your attention, they must be given the opportunity to communicate with their channel of choice. All communication platforms must be integrated to make life easier on your service department. The learning doesn’t stop here, read our customer service trends report to get informed on all industry-related insights.


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