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Cloud integration, big data analytics, virtualisation, BYOD, Shadow IT and more – IT managers have a lot on their mind these days when it comes to keeping up with the growing demands of digital transformation. And, while many IT managers spend their time trying to get their heads around all the latest tools, buzzwords and processes, it’s becoming abundantly clear that most, if not all enterprise IT environments are in dire need of singular systems that reduce the growing complexity of burgeoning IT workloads.

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SkyLight is a first-of-its-kind aggregated cloud solution that lets you work across multiple cloud platforms, including Dimension Data, Internet Solutions Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 cloud services. But what does that mean for your business in general, and for you in particular as the IT manager? In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of SkyLight’s features and how they help you manage your organisation’s IT better.

Simplify your deployment of workloads

Ordinarily, setting up and managing workloads across different clouds requires you to learn the processes and procedures for each individual platform. With SkyLight, no matter which platform you decide to deploy to, you will do it through one pane of glass. This means you can deploy multiple workloads to multiple different places, with a fraction of the time and effort.

Get visibility beyond platform borders

The various cloud platforms on SkyLight are delivered through a single interface and their data is combined with integrated reports, for everything from billing to usage. This gives you a detailed and consolidated user-centric view of all your workloads, virtual machines, firewalls, load balancers and networks across all platforms, making the management of all these aspects much simpler. Now, you can answer questions like how many virtual machines you have, and how you would justify your department’s expenditure this month, with just a glance.

Say goodbye to shadow IT and IT sprawl

Greater visibility means less chance of anything slipping through the cracks because everything your employees do in the cloud is recorded and accounted for. This way, issues are caught quickly and can be corrected early on, instead of six months down the line. No more stumbling across forgotten virtual machines created by former employees, which serve no purpose other than wasting your money. Forget those sudden security breaches that you’ll eventually trace back to an unauthorised application gone rogue. And most importantly, enjoy the peace of mind that this bird’s eye perspective on your company’s inner workings will give you.

Customise and tweak for top performance

SkyLight’s in-depth performance monitoring and reporting functionality will make it easy to identify areas for improvement going forward, and features like load balancing ensure you’re getting the most from your virtual machines – essentially putting the heavy lifting of calibrations on autopilot for you. You won’t have to run around policing your staff either, because built-in rule validation will do that for you, and you can always tailor this feature to fit your needs by reordering or editing rules.

Ultimately, SkyLight enables you to multiply your visibility, security and agility while giving you the ability to manage more with less. This saves you time and money – and that’s just in terms of your IT department. Now imagine what it could do to transform workflows throughout your organisation’s organogram. The sky’s the limit.

If you’d like to see first-hand what Skylight’s Integrated Cloud Platform can do for your IT department as well as your organisation as a whole, book a demo today.

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