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Internet Solutions

Software-defined networking (SDN) is a unique approach that simplifies the management of networks.

Control is decoupled from hardware and given to a software application called a controller. It enables the programmatically efficient configuration of networks that allows IT teams to provision new services on the fly, automate tasks and orchestrate different systems.

This control will shift the way computing resources are deployed, scaled and managed to drive the same benefits from the network with centralised control. This marks a monumental shift in the virtualisation of network functions. It directly translates to faster development, the deployment of new service offerings and a reduction in the costs associated with these processes.

What does this mean for business?

Implementation of configuration is performed by SDN controllers instead of vendors or highly skilled engineers, making SDN agile and ideal for businesses that have undergone rapid changes in their day-to-day network load.

It puts the user in control because complex onsite equipment is no longer necessary for the provision of sophisticated network functionality. The application (controller) deploys the functionality into the network. Network maintenance is also enhanced as implementation of patches and updates can be deployed to a large number of devices in minutes, simply by activating the command via the controller.

This is what you can experience with SDN:

  • Improved network efficiency: Achieved through centralised management and control along with a higher degree of orchestration and automation.
  • Improved IT agility and network customisation: As the network is deployed through fast and reliable application services, it supports the quick deployment of new applications.
  • Access to advanced analytics of all resources: Enterprises can easily monitor and control these resources and make strategic business decisions based on their findings.

How to get it right

Enterprises are under immense pressure to decrease capital and operational expenditure. When you choose SDN, you have to ensure network management tasks are made easier. And you can do this by:

  • Detecting and replacing failed links and units.
  • Adding new nodes to the network.
  • Resolving users’ connectivity issues.
  • Investigating network slowdowns.
  • Maintaining security-changing switch configurations.
  • Upgrading switch software.

The key to truly reducing your network operational expenditure is through simplifying network management, automating routine management tasks and facilitating insights into what is happening in the network.

SDN brings to enterprises increased network reliability, simplicity, service and application visibility coupled with advanced analytics that allow them to make quick and strategic business decisions. Get started on your software-defined network by reading our e-book .

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