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Internet Solutions

Africa is brimming with opportunities for international companies that want to broaden their horizons.

However, given how different Asian markets tend to be, the prospect is somewhat daunting without an established regional partner to show the way. That’s why network collaboration is the answer.

Benefits of a regional partner

It would be a mistake to think of Africa as a homogenous continent. In terms of land mass and population size it is the world’s second-largest continent, and each of its 54 countries is unique. Climate, customs and culture are the most obvious differences, but businesses must contend with enormous variations in regulations and accepted business practices as they seek to expand into new regions. It’s important for these entrants to understand such markets and their unique challenges, or to partner with an established provider that does have this understanding.

Building strong relationships with service providers has proved to be a formula for success, especially with providers that can demonstrate a long-standing commitment to the region and maintain a consistent on-the-ground presence. Such a partnership is invaluable for many reasons, not least of which is the guidance they can offer for navigating the nuances of doing business in Africa. They can also provide direction on the best investment opportunities to pursue and which locations to target, as well as the unique challenges in that region and how to tackle them.

Through this type of relationship, and with infrastructure and maintenance taken care of, Asian businesses entering the region can focus on their core responsibilities – the delivery of their products and services. They can rest easy knowing that their time and resources have been invested safely in areas that are most likely to offer the highest returns.

Our infrastructure assets

IS connects international enterprises to Africa through the largest managed services network on the continent. Our IT services are highly scalable and offer tailored solutions to multinational telcos, financial institutions, mining houses and FMCG enterprises, among others.

Six operating offices in South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, combined with 66 Points of Presence in 16 regional markets, ensure our wide geographic spread with reliable on-the-ground presence.

IS also has 15 500m² of data centre space in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and London, as well as 3 500 VSAT terminations with teleports in South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria and Germany. This ensures that we have sufficient scale and flexibility to offer tailored solutions to any enterprise.

Since security is a top priority, redundancy is assured. IS has 210+ Gbps bandwidth capacity over West- and East-African coastal cable systems owing to investments in Sat 3, Main One, WACS, Seacom, EASSy, TEAMs and SAF.

This extensive infrastructure is the result of more than 20 years of investment in assets and partnerships with dependable regional service providers. We can now boast of a deep-rooted African network which is well-established and properly consolidated with end-to-end telecommunication solutions and related services. Wholesale solutions allow new entrants, large and small, to leverage what we have built and share in our success.

To learn more about how IS can help you unlock Africa’s opportunities, download our inforgraphic which highlights our capabilities around the world. Click here if you’d like our experts to contact you.

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