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Supercharge your customers’ cloud with Virtual Cross Connect

Now you can help your customers realise the potential of the cloud with Virtual Cross Connect from IS.

The cloud is key to any digital transformation initiative, yet, for a great many businesses, the cost of accessing hyperscale cloud capabilities has always been prohibitively high. Now Internet Solutions is offering your customers a way to take full advantage of the cloud with ultra-low-cost, ultra-low latency colocation connectivity.

The advantages offered by today’s hyperscale cloud capabilities, such as Microsoft’s Cloud (Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365) are astounding. This is why, wherever possible, organisations have been steadily moving their workloads to the cloud. Yet the costs of connectivity are a major hurdle and dampen far too many digital transformation efforts.

With Virtual Cross Connect, your access, data centre and VPN customers can take their existing data centre to new heights by extending into the hyperscaler hub with ultra-low-cost, ultra-low latency colocation connectivity. With a direct connection to cloud providers, they can capitalise on the kind of high-powered performance needed for workloads such as SAP on Azure with Microsoft.

Kervin Pillay, Chief Technology Officer at IS, says: “Through Virtual Cross Connect, we’ll shorten the distance between clients and Microsoft by localising traffic in data centres at extremely competitive connectivity rates to improve service delivery and client experience.”

As a wholesaler, to leverage the quickest and most secure traffic routing possible to major hyperscalers like Microsoft, AWS, Azure and Google, you need a partner like IS that can offer External Network to Network Interface (ENNI). This means that you connect with us as your Microsoft Network Exchange partner in an agreed location and our infrastructure carries your customers’ traffic direct to Microsoft through the Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. This secure and guaranteed alternative to the Internet uses a single local link between the IS network to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, leveraging our investments in the WACS undersea cable system.

Speed is a crucial factor for accessing critical cloud-based data, and with Virtual Cross Connect, your customers can take advantage of sub-20-millisecond latency nationally, and even lower latency for intra-data centre connectivity. We can also ensure an easy exchange of data for multinationals across global territories through our Internet exchange capability and international connectivity.

Additional benefits of Virtual Cross Connect include:

  • Intra- and inter-data centre connectivity between IS and Microsoft points of interconnect, as well as major hyperscaler hubs.
  • Capability to optimise network segments and consolidate links.
  • Rapid set-up of direct connection to Public and Private clouds using Ethernet, VPN and/or Internet Access, incorporating Infoconnect.
  • Ability to link clients’ Infoconnect and Cloud Connect exchange partners together – further reducing connectivity costs between on-network partners.
  • Data centre colocation, security and SD-WAN services as adjacent deployments.

Why not capitalise on all the advantages afforded by direct, dependable, ultra-fast and ultra-affordable wholesale connectivity. There’s a world of opportunity out there and we can help you and your customers unlock it through our sweeping infrastructure investments in Africa and beyond.

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