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Email branding is a great idea for your business. A professional email appearance creates the right impression of your business and will ensure that your message comes across to your clients and that they remember it. But not all email branding companies are alike. Make sure you are getting the best of them. How? Take some time to check out what you will get with the SYNAQ Email Branding solution.

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What our email branding can do for you

SYNAQ Email Branding allows you to drive awareness and traffic to websites or promotional landing pages by embedding linkable, promotion banner images to all outbound emails. The online dashboard is easy to use and makes it possible to create, manage and report on your campaign from a single location.

More specifically, you can embed promotional banners in your daily mail, enforce company-wide email signatures and disclaimers, allow your email to grow your company brand and ensure improved business communications across business stakeholders.

Want to track the success of your marketing message reach? You can track and measure your marketing message and response rates with advanced, real-time, banner performance reporting, notifications and an easy-to-use campaign management dashboard, turning easy-to-use business emails into a powerful marketing tool.

Use technology to your advantage by running multiple and targeted marketing campaigns for different target audiences. Increase click-through rates and sales revenue with always-on sales communications. Centralised management ensures that there are no end-user configurations or additional software and hardware installations required. You won’t have the unnecessary complication of installing the technology, it’s ready to use and you don’t have to configure it yourself. It’s accessible via a web interface and works across all devices for a truly convenient solution.

Here are a few of the ways that SYNAQ Branding overshadows its competitors:

  • SYNAQ gives increased control with the admin console and back-end access for resellers and clients, competitors don’t offer this or offer it with a limited capacity for changes to be made.
  • SYNAQ offers client control and the ability to customise branding, with a detailed user guide available for this purpose. Competitors  don’t offer this at all, or if they do, it is in a less user-friendly way.
  • SYNAQ offers support for banner creations, provided that clients submit their own artwork, real-time email banner click-and-report sending, and campaign management dashboards, available in the branding UI. Not all competitors offer this.
  • SYNAQ offers the ability for campaigns to be automated and targeted at a company, division, user level to launch targeted and segmented campaigns based on a specific schedule, tag, or trigger event. We also offer linkable promotional banners (websites, landing pages, white papers). Not all competitors offer this.
  • SYNAQ offers embedded banners and the ability to turn off this feature, an added built-in security layer for our product. Competitors don’t offer this.
  • SYNAQ offers multiple hotspot areas per banner with multiple links. And multiple banner rotation, frequency and targeting functionality for campaigns, which is useful for A/B testing. We can also optimise campaigns. We offer group-tagging functionality and the ability to assign departments, regions, divisions to tags and make them assignable to addresses. SYNAQ offers social media integration. We also offer trackable social media click-throughs. Not all competitors offer this.
  • SYNAQ offers banners with UTM-compliant links for Google Analytics, branding exclusions to exclude branding components from being applied to certain recipients, white label functionality for branding for the client/reseller on the admin portal.
  • SYNAQ offers dynamic image content in signatures with different divisions possessing the ability to have different signatures.
  • SYNAQ offers marketing automation third-party platform integration with limited API. Not all competitors offer this.
  • SYNAQ offers a higher return on investment than industry click-through rates. Not all competitors offer this.

Established in 2004, we have more than a decade of experience in the business and a proven track record with more than 1 000 clients all over South Africa, Africa and the world. We are backed by Internet Solutions, the country’s leading Internet service provider, which acquired a major stake in SYNAQ in 2011. We offer flexible contracts including fixed-term or monthly contracts to meet individual company needs. With 99.9% uptime backed by our money-back guarantee and world-class telephonic and email support, you will never feel like you have been left on your own. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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