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To call LTE-A the future of wireless connectivity is no exaggeration. It’s much faster than the older-generation LTE and can unlock the true potential of 4G networks.

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Tap into new markets that lie beyond the reach of fibre with LTE-A

Expanding your product portfolio to include LTE-A means that you can serve areas hungry for high-speed connectivity that lie beyond the reach of fibre. Plus, the technology caters for selling related services as part of a bundle or as later add-on features.

Serving outlying areas

Consumers everywhere are looking for the next-generation network coverage that sophisticated technological advancements provide. Simply put, they want faster and more reliable connectivity. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy a high-speed fibre connection. While the roll-out of fibre lines continues in metropolitan areas, outlying suburbs, smaller towns and rural areas are unlikely to see these installations for a long time to come, if at all.

Resellers should carefully consider where such markets exist, where the connectivity needs of businesses and individual consumers cannot be met because of the logistical challenges of extending infrastructure to their locations. In South Africa, LTE-A has a wider footprint than fibre, which continues to be rolled out largely in isolated pockets centred around relatively affluent business districts and residential neighbourhoods. Even the reach of ADSL is limited, leaving gaps in coverage which are now being filled as Rain’s LTE-A network expands. Internet Solutions’ partnership with Rain means that you can offer customers in underserved locations the fibre-like connectivity of LTE-A at highly competitive prices.

No waiting

One of LTE-A’s greatest selling points is the ease and speed at which customers can be set up and get connected. The installation of lines, fibre or copper, takes time and creates disruptions. It often requires trenching across driveways and gardens and can lead to much frustration. LTE-A customers avoid all this with a plug-and-play solution.

Businesses or households that expect fibre to reach their areas in due course can use LTE-A in the interim. When fibre does become available, they can opt to keep the LTE-A service for the sake of redundancy or to use as a mobile solution.

Rapidly expanding coverage

The reach of Rain’s LTE-A network is growing fast. By mid-2017, the network consisted of 750 active base stations in South Africa’s major metropolitan areas. This number is expected to reach 5 000 by the end of 2018 and 10 000 in future.

As network coverage improves, and more capable new technologies become available, the popularity of LTE-A as an alternative connectivity solution to traditional broadband is set to continue its rapid growth. Rain is ready to roll out LTE-Advanced Pro and 5G as they become available towards 2020 and beyond. By adding LTE-A to your product portfolio, you can prove to your customers that your business embraces new technologies and responds to consumer demands.

Become a reseller if you want to play a role in sharing the future of wireless connectivity with your customers.

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