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Internet Solutions

For years, executives in telecommunication companies have anticipated a tipping point in the industry.

Many feared that if they weren’t ready for the change, it would jeopardise the survival of the business. Business upheaval happens slower than you think, but this doesn't mean that you should stand idly by while other companies prepare for the future.

ISPs will have to choose the aspects they feel will yield the greatest competitive advantage for them and focus their strategy on it. Even if you feel that your current business will survive in years to come without any modifications, you still need to be aware of telecommunication trends to ensure that your business will adapt, no matter when the change will come.

A greater focus on network quality

There is an enormous shift towards digital technologies and the worldwide ISP sector is leading the way. The approach of building networks and the way they are used is undergoing a significant transformation. Business communities are being built with connectivity at the heart because digital transformation initiatives fundamentally rely on a stable network to underpin everyday operations.

With a rise in edge computing, data and services will need to be positioned closer to customer premises to solve latency issues. It will require decentralised network processing. What is fundamentally clear is that future-proofed networks are a necessity. We anticipate networks in 2018 being built in order to meet demand against this business backdrop.

ISPs need a digital makeover

Customers want more digital interactions and packaging options with better customer service and faster problem resolution. To be nimble enough to cater for these demands, ISPs need to possess a digital omnipresence. They will have to digitally transform their offerings,  go-to-market strategies and company mindsets.

They will have to gain a better understanding of their customers and create segments that will allow them to do a more effective job of differentiating their offerings. ISPs will have to evolve their offerings to reflect customer preference and spending such as offering cloud services, IP-based technologies and unified communications.

You should offer the right services to your clients through an easy-to-use interface. Make it easy for clients to pay for, and manage, technology infrastructure (from Internet connectivity and email to business applications and cloud services) swiftly via a self-service website.

Better access to reliable services

Trends should serve as a guide because they come and go, but we always advise our clients to be ready for anything.

At IS, we keep pace with the latest technology to ensure that our wholesale clients receive quality solutions and an excellent service so they can deliver their customer expectations. No matter your needs, we have the network infrastructure, expertise and drive to put you on the road to success. We can even help you expand your business across Africa using our telecommunication services. So what are you waiting for? Transform your ISP by partnering with IS.

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