Internet Solutions
Internet Solutions

It’s important to research wholesaler’s strengths and benefits before choosing a provider to partner with.

There are numerous factors that are measurable and tangible, even guaranteed – this makes it easy to do a side-by-side comparison and evaluate the metrics that really matter. We encourage you to compare our strengths.

Widest network coverage

A clearly defined area of unrivalled strength that IS delivers can be summed up in one phrase: we own one of the largest managed services network in Africa. With over 20 years of investment and hard work, we’ve built the strongest network for you to leverage.

The numbers demonstrate that we aren’t making broad, unsubstantiated claims. Consider the fact that we have six operating offices in South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria and 66 Points of Presence in 16 regional markets. We can boast about our 210Gbps of bandwidth capacity over the East and West African intercontinental cable systems. And we can promise a thoroughly redundant service thanks to our investments in submarine cables such as SAT 3, Main One, WACS, Seacom, EASSy, TEAMs and SAF.

Add to the mix our 15 500m² of data centre space, strategically located in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and London and our 3 500 VSAT terminations with teleports in South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria and Germany.

Take a look at our network coverage map  to get a clear picture of the extent of our coverage.

A connectivity solution for any situation

Another key strength that you can leverage as a partner of Internet Solutions is the wide variety of wholesale telecommunication solutions that we offer. It means that, through us, you can provide your customers with a solution to meet their needs regardless of their circumstances, business requirements or budgets. Whether it’s a private or public line, fixed or mobile, we offer the speed, security and reliability that your customers are looking for through state-of-the-art infrastructure supported by industry-leading expertise.

Explore our solutions and discover the strengths of IS wholesale for yourself.

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