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Internet Solutions

Your customers’ networking requirements are a moving target. Demand for enterprise bandwidth is growing exponentially and businesses have to keep up to remain competitive. So what exactly is driving this steady escalation in network usage and bandwidth consumption?

Expanding networks

For starters, enterprise networks are becoming larger and more complex. The number of connected devices – especially wireless devices – is increasing exponentially in virtually every type of business. In industries like manufacturing and logistics, this is being driven largely by the proliferation of IoT devices on the network such as sensors. More points on the network mean greater volumes of data being carried across it.

Networked devices are often business-critical and without connectivity, these businesses are left paralysed. Consider hand-held ticket scanners, warehouse robots and medical devices in hospitals – all of these require reliable and capable connectivity to keep business-critical processes moving.

It’s become common for companies to have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy. This carries several benefits for productivity and staff morale, but also poses cybersecurity risks. The result is an increase in rich media network traffic in a personal and business capacity with more smartphones and tablets on the network running data-heavy applications.

Virtual presence

Businesses are also becoming increasingly reliant on connectivity to facilitate real-time communications in daily operations that would previously have been done telephonically,  through email or face-to-face interactions. Virtual presence technology makes it possible to have the kind of in-depth, granular discussions that will be difficult without the person being physically present.

The hologram conferences seen in the Star Wars movies might be some way off, but the technology that will make it possible is in the pipeline. Companies can already take advantage of high-definition video conferencing and even virtual reality for successful business operations. High bandwidth capacity and ultra-low latency are essential for these types of real-time immersive experiences.

Cloud adoption

The increasing adoption of cloud-based infrastructure is another powerful factor in the growing hunger for bandwidth. The use of the cloud for storage and applications is increasing the hunger for bandwidth in line with the growth in usage, especially for applications hosted in the public cloud. This trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Wholesale connectivity solutions are playing a key role in supplying businesses and consumers across Africa with the connectivity they need. You can help to serve those needs and expand your business by partnering with a telecommunication provider.

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