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Internet Solutions

The West Africa Cable System (WACS) is a 16 000km long submarine cable system connecting 15 countries from South Africa and ending in London.

The 15 cable landing stations along the route provide carriers with access to an extensive terrestrial fibre network.

WACS is the most important conduit for the west coast of Africa and is an essential artery for the digital connectivity and economic development of countries that connect to the cable. The initial capacity of the WACS cable system is about 5.12Tbits/s, with an amplification capacity of up to 30Tbits/s.

Internet Solutions is well aware of the need for uninterrupted connectivity that provides a consistent end-user experience. This is why we’ve upgraded our capacity on WACS to cost-efficiently meet an increase in client demand for high throughput and ultra-low latency connectivity. When we say that clients can enjoy greater cost-efficiency, we mean it.

Take a closer look at the advantages:

  • We are a wholesaler of WACS capacity that provides cost-efficient, ultra-low latency and highly scalable bandwidth because of our economies of scale.
  • We offer ultra-high capacity fibre, suitable for the rapidly growing, high-bandwidth demands of new technology and applications.
  • WACS is the lowest latency cable route available at the moment and provides intra-Africa connectivity and the fastest times to Europe.
  • With high bandwidth availability comes international and hyperscaler confidence to bring digital services to African countries - further increasing Africa’s global economic and social participation capabilities.

The cable system improves the delivery of the capacity IS has secured on WACS and allows us to seamlessly upgrade capacity to the cable system as required. IS can now offer seamless failover to two west coast cable systems where the one terrestrial portion, at an optical layer, is under the full control of IS, not an independent third party.

This enables us to rapidly resolve any issues and ensures greater accountability on our part. This should offer our clients, for whom international connectivity is mission-critical, greater peace of mind. This system is also designed to better support all the current and future needs of our clients, especially as more begin to use bandwidth-intensive hosted applications or communicate by using media-rich video content or collaboration tools.

Connect your business to the world and find out more about our WACS promotion. If you need any more reasons to use our wholesale products for your business, then take a look at our infographic which highlights our capabilities across the globe.

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