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2017 is the year of “more”. More automation. More investment. More connectivity. More mobility. More, more, more. The tech trends redefining business in 2017 will affect companies of all sizes and across all industries.

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But, if history has taught us anything, it is that today’s success can be tomorrow’s failure. Take for example US retailers JC Penney, Macys and Sears; they all downsized in 2016. Their dip in operating performance was largely due to increased competition from online players such as Amazon. The rise of ecommerce, online shopping and trends sparked by increased connectivity is squeezing out traditional businesses.

And, because your business is part of this fast-paced, interconnected world, awareness and knowledge is vital. Monitoring connectivity trends could make the sharing of ideas and decision making simpler. Ultimately, the businesses that keep pace with the latest connectivity trends, and respond, will be the ones that stay ahead.

A short list of the top connectivity trends ISPs should watch this year:

  • Workforce mobility

Employees are no longer tethered to their desks. They answer emails on the train, in the car or in a taxi, make conference calls in airport lounges and join meetings via video from anywhere in the world. This mobility gives employees more freedom, and it also makes them more productive. Think about the time spent commuting, or in the airport lounge. In the past, these employees may have struggled to get any work done but, with the right hardware and connectivity, they can work wherever they are.

  • Uncompromised performance

In line with the above, modern businesses demand high-performance connectivity: seamless high-resolution, high-bandwidth and graphically intensive images, videos and drawings. Laggy, outdated equipment and unreliable connectivity make it difficult for staff to do their jobs properly. Modern businesses cannot afford downtime – a website crash or unresponsive phone lines mean lost sales and a shaky reputation.

  • Continued investment in infrastructure

Remember the US retailers that lost out because they failed to cash in on the latest connectivity trends? You snooze you lose. Businesses must be aware of market changes and plan and spend accordingly. It has been shown that investing in the latest telecommunications infrastructure boosts returns because good IT improves productivity and workforce efficiency.

Your teams can communicate clearly and effectively, from anywhere, using the latest voice and video apps. But you need the right bandwidth to support these tools.

Embracing connectivity trends often entails finding the right service provider. One that best meets your needs. At IS, we aim to connect with your requirements. For more insights on this topic, click here  to download our latest guide titled: Expanding your business with wholesale partnerships.

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