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Although we have myriad communication methods at our disposal today, we still turn to voice calls for urgent matters. But  voice solutions for enterprises go far beyond being mere telephones.

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Although we have myriad communication methods at our disposal today, we still turn to voice calls for urgent matters. But  voice solutions for enterprises go far beyond being mere telephones. The days of connecting to customers over fault-prone fixed lines and costly cellphones are over; we’ve entered a new era of voice technology known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

VoIP relies on the internet instead of traditional telephone networks to transmit voice and other media. VoIP is just one in a range of communication solutions offered by Internet Solutions (IS), and it brings multiple benefits to businesses. A few of them are highlighted below.

Benefits of IS VoIP services:

  • Secure local and international calls
  • Excellent call quality (we put our money behind this promise)
  • Cost-effectiveness: all-in-one competitive rates and per-second billing
  • Ease of setup and use: no cumbersome cables or new IT infrastructure necessary, even when you relocate
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Value-added services: call recording, analytics, number portability and more

How VoIP keeps you connected to customers

This voice technology offers another key advantage to enterprises – the opportunity to connect with customers even when they cannot pick up the phone. VoIP interconnects with other communication and collaboration tools to boost customer engagement (and employee productivity). Make a call, send an instant message and share documents all from the same simple application, wherever you are, and from whatever device you are using. It’s seamless communications at its best, and it’s the answer to improving customer service.

With our VoIP service, staying connected in the digital economy is easy. All you need is an IP phone and a connection to the IS network, and you’re good to go. Then it’s just a matter of selecting services and setting up user profiles. VoIP allows you to personalise the entire telephonic communication experience. The best part is that you’re not restricted by physical location so you can get even the most remote employees and branches linked up and in touch with customers quickly and easily.

We offer a range of communication solutions that can be scaled up or down when needed. Here’s a brief overview of our voice services.

Core Voice Services

Core Voice Services offer a basic, no-frills business. This is essentially a VoIP PBX system covering all types of calls at very competitive rates. It’s simple: you choose the number you want to use and add the components you need. There are a range of options to streamline your communication expenses, including regional rates and detailed call reports.

Hosted Voice Services

For a fuller, unified communications solution, there is Hosted Voice Services. This offering allows businesses to integrate their core voice service with other types of communications creating an omni-channel (not just a multi-channel) environment for maximum presence and efficiency. IS goes beyond being a cloud PBX provider, adding a fully hosted contact centre (with two different packages to suit your needs) to the line-up, as well as a platform for communication tools and applications that can be used anywhere and on any device. Our Hosted Voice Services ensure that you are connected to customers at all times.

Value-Added Services

In addition to our core and hosted voice services, we provide several other offerings to help businesses get more out of their cloud voice exchange and put more into their customer relations.

Our Value-Added PBX Services include geographic number portability, a local number service that shows a local area number when making international calls, call recording and detailed reporting and analytics.

We take care of infrastructure, maintenance and technical support for all these services, so you can invest time and money in what you do best – satisfying your customers.

For more information on enterprise communication solutions, download our Symptom checker: Are communication systems failing your IT department?.

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