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Internet Solutions

Business owners are steadily waking up to the benefits of employing VoIP – and the trend is growing.

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The benefits are proving to be compelling in terms of saving costs and improving efficiency, especially with the quality assurance provided by the carrier-grade network of a reliable partner. So as a wholesaler, it’s wise to include wholesale voice services as a firm fixture in your product offering.

Reduce costs

The cost benefits of wholesale voice services tend to be the strongest selling point for VoIP solutions for business, and the numbers speak for themselves. These savings are immediately apparent with  lower call rates compared with PSTN, especially for international calls, as the required infrastructure is significantly less expensive than traditional telephony infrastructure.

Optimised call routing ensures that traffic is always routed along the most cost-effective path. IS employs a tier 1 carrier-grade network, meaning that routing is provided to any network on the Internet at no extra charge because reciprocal tariff-free agreements are in place with all other tier 1 carriers globally.

Wholesale voice services requires a partner with solid existing relationships with tier 1 and tier 2 providers, which they have built over time. An established partner like IS can also secure valuable arrangements with new providers entering the market. IS allows for lower overall rates because it’s in the best position to connect calls more directly, which means sharing fees with fewer providers.

The other side of VoIP’s cost benefits are obvious since the costs associated with maintenance, configuration and the setting-up of additional lines are borne by the wholesale VoIP provider.

The convergence choice

There is an argument to be made for and against converging voice and data on a single network. Those who choose to converge generally do so for the purpose of streamlining management, saving on infrastructure costs and for greater efficiency. However, congestion can become a problem if the converged network is poorly managed by the provider.

IS avoids the problems of congestion entirely by employing an MPLS network and world class routing. This, combined with our carrier-grade voice network, is what delivers the exceptional quality that makes us South Africa’s most reliable VoIP provider. IS provides a carrier-agnostic wholesale voice service with a high degree of flexibility. Prospective VoIP customers are advised to undergo a proper assessment before a purchase to ensure they get the right solution for them.

By delivering a combination of efficiency and cost reduction, VoIP has earned a place at the core of the business communication technology mix. Its role will only continue to evolve with greater functionality and convenience. It’s important that wholesalers know how to sell managed services: voice and unified communications .

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