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When you think of traditional communications, what comes to mind? Maybe you recall posting a letter, calling someone from a landline or sending a fax. Now think about modern communications. What kind of technologies pop into your head? You might be thinking about making a video call via your tablet or instant-messaging someone from your smartphone. One of the greatest challenges modern businesses face when considering these new communication technologies is deciding which ones are the most important. And this is where meeting customer needs can get tricky because a millennial and an 80-year-old aren’t necessarily going to favour the same communication channels.

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At IS, we believe it’s best to do a bit of both – embrace traditional channels, but also offer new multimedia offerings. Our range of communication services are exactly what your business needs to take your communications to the next level.

The latest info about our products:

Email services: For many businesses, managing email internally is a thing of the past, especially as communication channels expand. By outsourcing your email hosting and administration to someone else, you can focus on more important things. To get this right, businesses must work with an email provider that offers a range of effective, secure and affordable email services. At IS, it’s our job to help your business run smoothly by providing you with everything from email archiving solutions and bulk email services to email branding.

Fax: Before you dismiss fax as an archaic, outdated communication technology, there is still a very real need for it. At IS, we’re moving the traditional fax machine to a more advanced level. With IS fax, companies of any size can receive faxes directly in their mailboxes and send them as email attachments.

IS SMS-Smart messaging: Want to manage and monitor your messaging effectively? You need SMS-Smart messaging from IS. Our SMS solutions for businesses simplify the evaluation of the effectiveness of your SMS marketing efforts via real-time reports. You can also use SMS-Smart Messaging for everything from authenticating transactions, sending confirmations or issuing reminders. And our spam-complaint management functionality ensures that your activities are always in line with electronic communication and marketing legislation.

Hosted voice services: We want to help you embrace new ways of communicating via our range of cloud voice offerings. You should be able to use a single device to answer a call, send a text and like a post on social media – and with our offerings, you can. Our efficient Hosted IP PBX system removes the need for complicated cabling and connections, offering high-quality calls at a reduced cost. Our VoIP platforms accommodate other types of traffic, including data and multimedia content, allowing you access to all the communication channels you need to have a truly unified communication strategy.

Value-added voice services: In addition to everything we’ve mentioned, we also offer a range of value-added voice services that can help you maximise the value of your Cloud voice exchange. We want to make it simple for you to move to our voice platform by offering Geographic Number Portability. This means that our Local Number Service will show a local area number when you make international calls. Cloud-based call recording allows you to easily store, find and retrieve recorded conversations. And if you’re looking to manage your telecoms ecosystem, our Telephone Management System provides detailed reporting and analytics.

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