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If you ask IT professionals what the cloud means, you’ll likely get different answers because the word suggests something ambiguous. But it doesn’t have to be overly vague, or complicated. The next time someone asks you what the cloud is, use this checklist to inform them.

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  • The cloud is a network of servers: Each server has a different function in businesses. Some are used for running applications, others for delivering a service or storing data.
  • An IT asset: The cloud uses a centralised location on the Internet to store data. Therefore, making use of a cloud solution lets you access your data anytime, anywhere. It also means that businesses don’t have to invest in IT support as most applications that utilise the cloud update automatically.
  • The cloud offers seamless service delivery: It’s no longer necessary for companies to own and maintain the hardware that runs their businesses. Although the concept of the ‘cloud’ may seem endless, companies only pay for what they use. The knock-on is infrastructure investment savings and the opportunity to test processes and scale up (or down) when necessary. It’s perfect for seasonal, hourly and regional business needs.
  • The cloud improves business operations: The cloud helps improve support systems, for this reason, companies use the cloud for more agile project management, disaster recovery and to increase network security.
  • Not everything needs to be moved to the cloud: You can consolidate your cloud computing environment using a mix of private cloud and third-party, public cloud services orchestrated between platforms. This is a hybrid approach and is a great way for the IT department to retain control and the visibility of data across the entire organisation.

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