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It’s universally accepted that the traditional voice market is shrinking, prices are on a downward spiral while margins are decreasing.

Providers have been diversifying their services, but voice itself is far from dead. It’s finding new life in hosted VoIP services, and wholesale VoIP is becoming a popular avenue for telcos to pursue. But a great deal depends on the quality of the service that’s offered, which is why it’s so important to choose the right wholesale VoIP provider.

Quality of the platform

When it comes to choosing the ideal wholesale VoIP provider to deliver a service that satisfies your customers’ expectations, it’s best to first conduct some research. A key area to look at is the functionality and stability of the platform that’s being offered.

As a digital service, wholesale VoIP providers offer a wide range of features that legacy voice providers cannot such as caller ID, conferencing, call recording and voicemail to email – all of which add up to substantial value for your customers. While these features are important, the stability of the platform is key to a positive user experience. Your customers will be frustrated if the system is slow or unreliable. The security of the platform is also paramount and is something that your customers will expect. Robust security is a guarantee that you have to offer your customers.

Quality of the network

The importance of a stable and capable network to support a VoIP service cannot be understated – it’s a vital issue to consider when choosing a provider. For starters, you need a partner that can provide a redundant network architecture which guarantees uptime to ensure that your customers are always connected. It’s another feature that should be in line with your customers’ expectations.

The quality of the calls also relies heavily on the quality of the underlying network. Poor-quality VoIP calls have long been a common complaint by users stuck with a congested and outdated network infrastructure, which undermines all the benefits of a VoIP system. So it’s vital to partner with a wholesale provider that offers cutting-edge networking technology, redundancy and abundant capacity.

Hassle-free SIP trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking refers to the provision of a main line or “trunk” to a business telephone system via an Internet connection rather than a copper phone line. This creates a direct connection between your customers’ premises and the PSTN network. As a SIP reseller, you can determine the number of channels to provision in line with customer requirements, and you can bill them accordingly. Since a SIP trunk line is a service and not a physical line, it can move with your customers if they want to relocate.

Wholesale voice from IS

IS offers a fully interconnected, carrier-grade network that ensures reliability and superior quality. Our wholesale voice solutions are carried over a robust, redundant and secure tier 1 routing and switching platform that delivers superior call quality and reliability. Our extensive network is scalable with state-of-the-art capabilities and enables high-volume call termination with origination to landlines and mobile devices.

Learn more about our carrier-grade network for aggregators.

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