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Internet Solutions

The increase in economic opportunities in Africa means that you need to connect instantly and stay connected to be truly competitive. This can be a challenge in Africa if you don’t have access to an ISP with an established infrastructure and know the African story. Not all ISPs can offer this to expanding businesses. At Internet Solutions, we have invested in infrastructure that spans the African continent for the wholesale market.

Wholesale solutions for your product portfolio

Anatomy of our network infrastructure

Providing a sophisticated infrastructure is at the heart of our network. When we say we offer a truly world-class facility, we mean it. Here’s a lowdown of our sophisticated services:

  • The IS Parklands data centre is the first in Africa to be awarded the prestigious Nexcenter™ accreditation. The data centre’s consistent levels of exceptional service won over the NTT Com inspectors and the centre is audited annually.
  • We operate 16 world-class data centres across Africa.
  • We manage 15 500m² of data centre space.
  • Our fully redundant energy-saving centres offer protection from outages (including load shedding) and power surges.
  • We use sophisticated biometric access control, surveillance, monitoring and recording systems to ensure that only authorised people have physical access to the data centre.
  • The constant maintenance in our data centres results in infrastructure redundancy and high availability.
  • Our data centres are connected to our extensive, redundant fibre network.
  • Since we specialise in connectivity and interconnectivity, we regard our data centres as being wholesale co-location providers and Internet data centres with peering capabilities.
  • We have 65 African and five international PoPs.
  • We have one of the largest VSAT MPLS networks in Africa.
  • We boast a significant investment in core undersea cables. West coast: SAT3, Main One, WACS and ACE. East coast: SEACOM, EASSy, TEAMS and SAFE. We have already extended capacity on the West Africa Cable System (important to keep in mind for entities that want to conduct business throughout Africa.)

Capacity by region

Get in the minds of your customers

“Data is the fuel that makes the Internet work,” wrote Jessie Hempel in a WIRED article. And luckily for you, your business can obtain data centre capabilities to house this information without the issues of running a facility such as handling maintenance, power provisioning, connectivity, uninterruptible power supplies and auxiliary generators, fire suppression and environmental operations.

Today’s data centre customers are tech-savvy and expect more from their providers. Given the complexity of what they’re doing and the options available to them, they need more. But you don’t have to worry about any of this. We do all the heavy lifting by ensuring that the capabilities you sell to your clients are competitive and optimal.

Your clients will need these services, which are critical in this borderless world. They require these services to host mission-critical applications and help them streamline information while enabling easy access to users across the business.

We are mindful of the struggle that telcos have to get reliable, consistent telecommunications in Africa and at Internet Solutions, we do something about it. And we have the track record and infrastructure to prove our commitment.

Start building your telecommunication product profile. Review all our wholesale solutions that are available for your wholesale business.

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