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Take a moment to think about how businesses were run 10 or 20 years ago. If there was a team meeting, every member of the team would have to be in the same room. If a signature was needed from a client, someone would have to be sent to their offices to get the document signed. And if there was a need to collaborate with colleagues in foreign countries, people would buy a plane ticket and head overseas.

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Can you imagine how far behind businesses would be if they were still running day-to-day operations in this manner and business rivals were actively embracing the Internet, digital solutions, new technologies and all the possibilities these innovations have to offer?

This is the case for many businesses today, particularly when it comes to their IT systems. Just because your IT infrastructure was “state-of-the-art” when you bought it, does not mean that it still is today.

In fact, legacy technology might just be holding your business hostage with IT teams and business executives doing just enough to keep everything up and running. The problem with this approach is that it takes up valuable time and prevents businesses from leveraging the IT infrastructure and support systems required to meet their evolving needs. Here are a few ways to take your legacy IT into the future.

Replace the system: Updating legacy systems doesn’t necessarily mean ripping out an old system and replacing it with something new. This is true especially when you’re substituting a sprawling system that has evolved over decades with a customisable software package designed to meet legacy needs. If legacy technology is causing your company to lose ground, is costing you too much or you can’t find trained staff to maintain it, you might need to replace it.

Enlist the help of a software provider: By working with a partner, you’ll decrease your IT department's involvement in software development. It will also provide you with comprehensive functionality immediately. The right partner will understand the complexities of your situation and provide you with the solutions you need to meet your most pressing needs.

Update functionality: As a simple example, many legacy systems lack a service-oriented architecture, which makes them ill-suited for a world of apps and APIs. When your legacy IT systems lack the features and functionality you need to keep up with your competitors, your company won’t be able to roll out the programmes and platforms required to address major business challenges.

According to Computer Weekly, nine out of 10 IT decision-makers say that legacy systems are preventing them from leveraging the digital tools and solutions they need to boost their productivity and become more efficient. Some 44% of large businesses say that their outdated systems have a negative impact on most of their projects.

Internet Solutions has remained steadily at the forefront of technological innovation since 1993. As a result, we can deliver exceptional solutions to the market that are flexible, efficient and secure. We can provide your business with complete end-to-end solutions that will boost the efficiency of your departments. There's no reason to keep legacy systems. Together, let’s continue to be forward-thinking and push the boundaries of your capabilities.

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