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Internet Solutions

The superior network performance offered by a VPN solution makes it an attractive choice for resellers looking to service a wide range of business types, from small enterprises to large companies.

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There are good reasons why MPLS VPN networks in particular have been growing in popularity as a reliable, secure and highly efficient method to interconnect various branches in an enterprise.

Superior quality service

Traditional IP networks can never be as cost-effective as an MPLS VPN because the latter allows for the consolidation of a range of multimedia applications on the same network. In fact, numerous VPNs can be provisioned over an MPLS VPN network which allows for link aggregation so multiple connections can run concurrently – this ensures redundancy.

This convergence makes it possible to enhance these applications, or introduce new ones. Some applications are better able to handle network congestion than others, and so traffic engineering, enabled by MPLS technology, can ensure that the most critical data is prioritised on the network.

Service classes

Integrated quality of service support allows customers to provision multiple levels of service class. Traffic on the network is differentiated into a range of classes that include voice, video, and silver, gold and platinum classes of data. This will ensure that each application is prioritised appropriately, and that they run smoothly and efficiently. Ultimately, it provides a much greater degree of network control by allowing you to determine how each application functions on your customers’ networks.

Mesh network topology

A fully mesh topology is a network configuration where every node in the network can communicate directly with every other node. Mesh topologies add value to a VPN solution by allowing for data to be transmitted (securely) from different devices simultaneously, with capacity for especially high volumes of traffic. Plus, the redundancy of the network ensures that if any component fails, an alternative is already in place. Self-healing algorithms will identify the optimum alternative path and data transfer won’t be affected. It also allows for modifications and expansion of the network without disruption.

Wholesale VPN solutions are a safe bet in a rapidly growing market at a time of increasing security awareness and increasing higher performance around the technology’s numerous benefits for enterprises. As that performance demand grows s, VPNs will become cost effective to sell.


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