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At Internet Solutions, we offer businesses of all sizes and across all industries, cloud, connectivity, communications, data centre and security solutions.

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As technology and the Internet become ingrained in business, security should be at the top of every CEO’s priority list. But finding the right security solutions can be a hurdle for busy chief executive officers.

In a recent blog post, we gave a brief overview of the prevailing cybersecurity landscape. To summarise, a recent study by IBM and the Ponemon Institute revealed that the cost of data breaches is increasing. The average total cost of a data breach in South Africa in 2016 was $1.87 million, which equates to roughly R25 million.

At Internet Solutions, we offer businesses of all sizes and across all industries, cloud, connectivity, communications, data centre and security solutions.

Some of the benefits and features we offer our clients:

Fully outsourced solutions

With our cloud solutions you have the flexibility to scale up or down to suit your business’ fluctuations. Our rapidly deployable colocation space, virtual servers and firewall services provide your business with unprecedented reach into global markets. We have robust, content-rich, world class data centres in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa, and clients can choose a location that fits best.

Support from skilled IS security engineers

If you want to avoid a data breach or hack, you need the necessary security solutions and the right partner to help you fend off attacks. With IS, you’ll have continued support from our team of experts. We’ll manage upgrades, fix bugs and ensure you’re always protected and up and running so you’re free to do what you do best – manage your business.

No need for hardware, installation or training

Many organisations are hesitant to upgrade their security solutions because of the costs associated with investing in new hardware and skills. When working with a service provider, like IS, implementing a new solution is fast and cost-effective because you don’t have to make huge CAPEX investments in hardware; we’ll take care of everything for you.

Increased awareness of security risks

As we mentioned above, the threat landscape is growing and cybercriminals are finding new ways to attack. Because the best offence is a good defence, it’s essential that you stay up to date with changes in the security industry. It’s our job to keep abreast of changes in the cybersecurity and threat landscape so you’re not caught off guard.

Disaster recovery

Let’s face it – incidents do happen. What’s important is how you react to them. When you partner with IS, downtime won’t be a concern. If cybercriminals use DDoS attack attempts to slow down or even shut down your server, site or network, DDoS Protection and Mitigation from IS protects your organisation from the consequences of even the most advanced, robust attacks. It detects when you’ve been compromised, and notifies you so you can act immediately.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s our internet risk assessment that explains exactly how IS can support you in your security endeavors and why we’re the security partner for you.

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