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Think of moving to the cloud as being a bit like refurbishing your kitchen. Your current space isn’t serving your needs, so you need to make a change.

SkyLight – the cloud management platform for your business

But deciding to remodel your space is only the start of the journey. You don’t just wake up one morning and find that everything you need is in place and perfectly suited to your specific needs and preferences.

Before you start on your renovations, you need to make choices about what materials you’ll be using, what appliances you’d like and how you’re going to lay out everything. And for most of us, getting this right means bringing in the professionals who know a thing or two about design and construction.

When it comes to the cloud, no two solutions are created equal. This means that you’ll have to make some decisions from choosing the deployment model most suited to your needs to determining which of your business applications and resources will function best in the cloud. This is where making use of a cloud management platform from a trusted service provider is an absolute must.

With SkyLight, you’ll have access to a wide range of local and global cloud service platforms so you can build the virtual environment that meets your requirements and responds to the unique demands of your business. In addition, SkyLight also offers greater control – you can view, deploy and modify all the environments you’re using from a single management portal. And with different pricing and payment options available, budgeting and managing your virtual environment becomes a lot easier.

With SkyLight, the sky truly is the limit when it comes to tailoring the cloud for your business. Still need some convincing? Then keep reading.

Powering growth and innovation

SkyLight is available in three packages with each offering different levels of flexibility, control, performance and security. The three package options include:

  • Standard Virtual Machines – Adopting a “server replacement” approach? Virtual machines provide a range of options for configuring your CPU, RAM and storage for different applications.
  • Virtual Data Centre – This approach allows you to develop virtual data centres by provisioning virtual servers from a pool of CPU, RAM and storage, also with a range of configuration options.
  • Public Cloud – With the public cloud, you have access to an almost unlimited amount of resources on a highly secure, powerful and reliable infrastructure

If you want to access cloud platforms from other providers, the SkyLight cloud management platform provides on-demand access to Amazon EC2, the Dimension Data Cloud, the Internet Solutions Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Essentially, SkyLight delivers the world’s biggest cloud, allowing you to test new ideas, boost overall productivity, speed up the time to market and get a clearer image of your entire cloud environment.

SkyLight truly is the cloud management platform every CIO and IT manager needs to outdo the competition. Keen to find out more? Please feel free to get in touch or take a look at this handy resource , which unpacks everything you need to know about SkyLight.

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