Delivering the world's biggest cloud 

With instant access to virtual computing, storage and networking capabilities, you have the perfect platform for growth and innovation. 

Manage more with less

SkyLight gives you one platform for managing all the cloud platforms you use. You don’t have to work with different interfaces or switch from one management system to another, which means you’ll have fewer admin headaches and more time to spend on business-critical tasks.

With SkyLight, it’s easy to:

  • Set up and manage workloads on different clouds
  • View reports across all cloud platforms
  • Manage complex tasks across multiple cloud providers

Flexible pricing, no lock-ins

SkyLight’s billing function allows you to estimate the costs of increasing resources in any environment so you can manage stakeholder expectations and forecast future requirements. You’ll receive one, consolidated bill – in rands – with detailed usage statistics on all the virtual environments and cloud platforms you use, so you can see exactly where you’re spending money. Don’t spend valuable budget, time and resources on owning and maintaining your IT infrastructure. Leave that to us so you can focus on what you do best.

The Sky is your playground

A choice of virtual environments for different business needs 

Choose from our three product solutions to get the virtual environment that’s best for your business. Each comes with different ways of using and paying for the virtual resources you need, offering different levels of flexibility and control, all in a secure environment. You can choose one virtual environment for your entire business, or select different environments for different departments, deployments or workloads.

The table below gives an overview of what’s available with each option:

On-demand access to different cloud platforms

With SkyLight, you’ll also have on-demand access to a range of cloud platforms from the following providers:

  • Internet Solutions Cloud
  • Amazon EC2
  • Dimension Data Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure

Choose the cloud that best suits a particular workload, and manage all cloud platforms from one place.

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