The people of Internet Solutions are passionate about technology but also about contributing to a better society for all of us.  

We aim to empower disadvantaged communities through a variety of sustainable, impactful and meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and we feel that this approach empowers those we help to lead their own economic transformation. As a responsible corporate citizen of South Africa, Internet Solutions aims to uplift and empower disadvantaged communities in the areas where we operate. We approach these tasks through a variety of sustainable, impactful and meaningful CSR initiatives.


Internet Solutions has chosen to focus on youth and education programmes as part of our CSR initiatives, with a four-pillar approach to our strategy.

  • Skills development in the ICT industry
  • Community engagement and school support from historically disadvantage areas
  • Supporting organisations that are aligned to our strategy by sponsoring services, mainly in the form of connectivity and hosting, to various NGOs and NPOs
  • Staff participation in CSR initiatives through a special leave day which allows them to volunteer their skills for worthy causes

One of our flagship CSR projects, LinkingSA, has been successful in connecting some of South Africa’s poorest urban and rural communities by providing free Wi-Fi Internet access, community portals and shared services. The service also provides online educational resources to assist them with learner’s school work.

Columba Youth Leadership

Internet Solutions partners with Columba Leadership in their Activating Youth 2.0 programmes, which places a strong emphasis on personal, social and environmental responsibility, and draws heavily on the teaching power of lessons from the natural environment. 

IS IncuData Programme

Leveraging on the work of the Dimension Data Saturday school initiative, Internet Solutions provides an additional opportunity for learners who have graduated to participate in the IncuData Programme. This internship programme aims to teach learners IT skills, business skills and provides mentorship to ensure learners are marketable and employable within the IT industry. Learners gain practical workplace experience