Being at work no longer means being at your desk or even in an office.

New technology is the foundation for new ways of working. Employees want the freedom to log in and get things done wherever they are, on any device and over any connectivity platform, all of which can contribute to productivity and job satisfaction.

allConnect can help you meet these demands for anywhere-access. It’s a connectivity package that gives users a single account from which to access WiFi, 3G or ADSL connectivity – whichever is the best option available where they are – 24/7.

Improve your effectiveness with a connected workforce

Communicate and collaborate any time, from anywhere

Communicate and collaborate any time, from anywhere

Don’t miss out on business opportunities just because your employees aren’t connected.

With allConnect, they can communicate and collaborate with each other, their customers, their suppliers and other business partners at any time, from anywhere.

Employees will have the flexibility to log in and use business applications as they need to. They can perform a demonstration or draw a quote when they’re with a client, work on a report at home, or simply catch up on emails in between appointments when they’re on the move. This empowers your employees to work more effectively while at the same time improving customer engagement.

Having 24/7 connectivity at the office, at home, and on the go also means employees can choose to work where and when it suits them best. They can better manage their work–life balance while being just as productive (if not more so) than before.

Options for 3G, ADSL and WiFi access

Six packages to choose from, for each connectivity channel

allConnect package options

allConnect gives your employees access to business systems and applications – in line with your access and authorisation policies – through three different types of connectivity: 3G, ADSL and WiFi.

allConnect is available countrywide. There are six different packages to choose from, each offering different options for each connectivity channel.

No matter which package you choose, you will enjoy the following standard features:

  • Wireless connectivity at over 2 000 WiFi hotspots across the country and free roaming at more than a million WiFi hotspots internationally
  • 3G access on an MTN, Vodacom, Cell C or Telkom mobile data plan

Some packages also give the option of having an ADSL connection installed at the employee’s home.

All six packages offer a range of benefits to suit individual needs. The Basic package offers 1 GB of WiFi and 3G access together with three SIM cards, while the Premium package, which is the top of the range, offers uncapped ADSL and WiFi access, 6 GB of 3G access and five SIM cards.

You can therefore allocate each employee the package that best suits their out-of-office connectivity needs.

One account, one username, one password

allConnect simplifies things for users by giving them just one account for accessing all three connectivity platforms. They use the same login name and password to connect to 3G, WiFi and ADSL.

allConnect automatically chooses the best connectivity available

Life gets even easier for allConnect users, as the system automatically selects and switches over to the best connectivity platform available, ensuring a great online experience every time.

Easy to set up, manage and change accounts

You have full control through our self-service portal

Set up and change connectivity packages easily

allConnect is very easy to use. We set up the service initially, and you then have full control through our self-service portal. Here, you can check usernames and passwords, change packages, and access usage reports and trends. You can add and remove users in just a few clicks.

It’s also easy to manage and update individual accounts. Real-time provisioning means you can order any one of the six allConnect packages in seconds. For example, if an employee wants to work from home more, you can increase their ADSL. When your sales teams are travelling the country on a roadshow, you can up their 3G access – and scale it back down when they’re done.

To ensure secure connectivity, you can also set up authentication in line with your governance requirements and risk controls.

Manage connectivity costs according to user needs

You can also download usage reports from the portal and see where you can cut back on connectivity costs, for example by scaling down packages for employees who don’t need that much access.

Stay on top of your connectivity costs with more predictable charges and one, consolidated invoice for each allConnect package in your organisation.

We provide 24/7 support for the allConnect service to make sure your employees can stay connected at all times.