As the culture of remote working continues to grow, employees no longer have to be in the office to access information and get work done.

Letting employees choose where and how they want to work is part of corporate life – whether they’re at the office, at a client site or even at home, they need a secure connection that enables them to work effectively from anywhere, at any time.

APN Solutions from Internet Solutions provides fast, secure connectivity from mobile devices to the network you choose – your private company intranet, the Internet, or both.

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Unlock the value of a mobile workforce

Harness the power of APN services

Safely enable mobile working

An APN is an access point name that’s set up on a mobile device. It determines which network path the device will use for data connectivity. The APN settings on your mobile device are used to make a connection between the device’s cellular network and another network, such as the Internet or a corporate intranet.

You can think of an APN as an access code the cellular network uses to direct you to either the corporate network or a shared network, depending on where the APN allows you to go. This lets you to unlock the value of a mobile workforce without compromising on network security.

Make your mobile workforce more efficient

APN solutions offer fast, secure and reliable access for your mobile workforce.

Our extensive mobile network coverage and the agreements we have in place with our roaming partners mean that users can expect reliable coverage from just about anywhere. It’s quick to access and easy to use, which means you don’t have to worry about wasting time struggling to connect or keeping your employees connected.

Keep data secure and browsing in check

With APN Solutions your connectivity is secure – authentication is in line with your governance and risk controls. It also allows you to control which sites or networks employees may access using the company’s mobile data. From an online self-service portal, you’ll be able to download reports on connectivity usage and control costs by managing usage better (for example, billing different departments separately).

A choice of APN settings for mobile devices

Select the solution that best suits your business

Corporate APN: Dedicated access to a company’s private network

Corporate APN provides secure, dedicated bandwidth from your cellular network provider to your company’s private environment.

Your employees can access your corporate intranet securely from anywhere that has cellular connectivity, with any carrier, locally and internationally (provided roaming is activated).

Your organisation receives a unique APN that employees use to access a secure, dedicated link from their mobile phones, using 3G or 4G, to our MPLS environment. From here, they can connect to your company’s intranet on your private corporate network, and access their business systems and applications. If your policies allow it, they may also connect to the Internet.

Shared APN: Communal, pay-as-you-use access to the Internet

With Shared APN, your employees can access the Internet from anywhere that has cellular connectivity, locally and internationally

Your organisation shares an APN with other Internet Solutions clients. Shared APNs are LTE-enabled for super-fast connections. Employees can access a shared high-speed link from their mobile devices. This link takes them to an environment that’s hosted by Internet Solutions, and they can access the Internet from there. You only pay for the data and you can limit usage.

Security and self-service

Seamless management and guaranteed safety

Instant self-service access

With APN Solutions, your business will benefit from a more efficient way of managing connectivity. The self-service portal makes it easy for you to manage – and monitor – whichever APN Solutions package you select. This enables you to have a holistic view of your mobile usage so you can better control how your employees connect.

You can provide access to individual users quickly and have as many employees connected to the service as you need. This helps minimise connection turnaround times to ensure your business is connected as quickly as it grows.

Save on costs

When you use APN Solutions there is no need to install expensive leased lines and manage monthly line rentals. Access to your VPN is purely mobile, which means remote workers can access your company network without relying on dedicated (and expensive) VPN software.

APN Solutions is an extension of our MPLS network, which means we maintain the underlying structure to provide you with high standards of availability, security and service. You also have access to support from our expert engineers.

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