To achieve efficiencies in your business, you implement the same processes, policies, business applications and communication tools across your operations.

It makes sense to share the same connectivity, too. All your employees can then use applications efficiently to share information, solve problems and provide the service your customers expect, without delays caused by low or irregular bandwidth.

With Clear Channel and Ethernet Private Network (EPN), all your business locations will have the same underlying bandwidth for applications and services – the same reliability, speed, availability and user experience – so they can deliver the same business excellence.

A shared platform for productivity and progress

Work with large volumes of data and advanced analytics in a flash

Don’t let bad bandwidth hold you back

The Clear Channel and Ethernet Private Network services deliver super-fast connectivity for business applications and services that require extensive bandwidth for optimal performance. Clear Channel uses a fibre-optic network while EPN uses an Ethernet network. Both guarantee 99% service availability, high performance, high speed and low latency. They also offer a fully managed service for designing, configuring and supporting the network.

With rapid access to business information and communication and collaboration tools, your employees can get more done, more efficiently, regardless of where their offices are located. Your customers will also benefit from being able to use online systems they can access quickly and use without delays or breaks in the service.

When it comes to using new technology to innovate in your business and transform the way you do things, you won’t be held back by bandwidth.

Both services will further enable you to work with large volumes of data, the latest cloud services, and advanced analytics – whatever’s required for your business to progress.

Monitoring and reporting to maintain performance

Monitoring and reporting are essential when it comes to guaranteeing a stable, secure connection between locations. Unfortunately, these often fall by the wayside, especially during busy times, and not keeping track of your connections could cost you dearly in future.

This is why both the Clear Channel and Ethernet Private Network services offer a choice of monitoring and reporting options to suit your schedule. You can choose between the Standard five-minute interval reporting, the Premium 30-second interval reporting, or simply opt for fault-notification-only interval reporting.

Point-to-point connectivity, guaranteed availability

High-speed connectivity that is still secure

Delivered over fibre-optic or Ethernet networks

Clear Channel delivers high-bandwidth capabilities over a fibre-optic network that can transport any Internet Protocol or application. It provides point-to-point connections between cable landing stations and data centres in South Africa, and between South Africa and the UK.

Clear Channel uses a carrier-grade network. This is the same type of network telecom service providers use, so you’re ensured of high performance, high speed, low latency, and resilience. You have a choice of bandwidth, connection speeds, handoff types and failover options.

Ethernet Private Network delivers high-bandwidth capabilities over an Ethernet network, providing low-latency connectivity within South Africa, and between South Africa and the UK. You have a choice of connection speeds, from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps, and failover options.

With a choice of three class-of-service options, you can prioritise the performance of your bandwidth traffic for certain types of applications:

  • Silver: For best-effort applications
  • Platinum: For business-critical applications
  • Real-time: For latency-sensitive application

Having high-speed connectivity doesn’t mean much if the information you share isn’t kept safe. Both Clear Channel and Ethernet Private Network services use a private connection, which means all data is transported securely.

Point-to-point connectivity links sites directly

Clear Channel and Ethernet Private Network give you high-speed, secure connectivity between business locations without you having to invest in setting up and maintaining the underlying infrastructure.

They make use of point-to-point connectivity between locations within South Africa, and between South Africa and the UK. This means there’s a direct link from the communication point in one location to the communication point in the other over the shortest path possible, which gives your people access to instant, reliable connectivity.

A shared platform for productivity and progress

Providing the support you need to grow your business

One service provider, many benefits

Thanks to Clear Channel and Ethernet Private Network, your employees can enjoy access to sophisticated applications, point-to-point connectivity and a stable, secure network: all through us. Together with speed and reliability, choosing one connectivity service for all your business locations holds additional benefits for your business:

One service provider, 24-hour support

With Clear Channel and Ethernet Private Network, it will be easier to manage just one service provider for the connectivity service that links all your offices and branches. You’ll have one contact for 24/7 support and one contact to help make sure your networking needs are taken care of.

Because this is a fully managed service, you don’t need to worry about design, configuration, support, change management and reporting – leave that to us.

Monitor and control your network

You’ll also be in full control of the security, networking and routing of data between locations, and will have access to monitoring tools through our self-service portal so you can track service availability and set the right service levels for your connectivity solution.

Better cost savings, more scalability

Clear Channel and Ethernet Private Network are also more affordable than some Internet Protocol services. You can choose your required connection speed and bandwidth, and benefit from economies of scale at higher levels of bandwidth.

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