To meet the increasing demand for high-performing applications that are available 24/7, it makes sense to have multiple servers in your cloud environment performing the same function, often in different locations.

However operating in a multi-server cloud environment can only be successful – and deliver the outcomes business users expect – if you’re able to manage the entire environment effectively.

Cloud Balancer looks at the real-time condition of your environment and directs users to the closest available IT resources, so they can use applications without being affected by system performance issues – even when parts of the system are down.

Enable, empower and enhance your organisation

Balance your network for better collaboration and communication

Enable your IT environment

Network load balancing (NLB) refers to the distribution of network traffic among multiple servers or virtual machines to optimise the use of IT resources. Many organisations are using this sophisticated technology more and more to power their businesses and improve interactions with customers and business partners. Cloud Balancer is a network load balancer that enables you to operate on a next-level IT environment that can provide stable, reliable connections, even during the busiest of times, without forcing you to invest in additional infrastructure or resources.

Empower your users

Better allocation of IT resources means users can connect quickly and easily to the business-critical applications and tools they need, whenever they need them. They can communicate, collaborate and transact quickly and effectively, thereby improving productivity and enabling innovation. Our load balancer solution allows you to provide your users with the platforms they need to perform, and the freedom to access those when they need to.

Enhance business continuity

When parts of your infrastructure are down, for example, when there’s routine maintenance being performed, or when there’s an unplanned or unforeseen event, it could have a direct effect on the performance of your IT infrastructure. A load balancer system enables business continuity by making IT resources available when you need them. Cloud Balancer can also direct users to a disaster recovery or high-availability site, as business needs dictate.

Ensure effectiveness

It may be that some resources in your environment are overloaded while others aren’t being used to their full potential. This could result in the waste and higher costs associated with an ineffective server environment. Cloud Balancer helps you to manage the performance of all aspects of your hosted IT environment effectively. This network monitoring capability allows you to optimise the environments for maximum availability and performance – even if your server structure is located in different places.

Real-time load balancing for optimal performance

Network management and monitoring made easy

Server health checks for optimal functioning

Server management and load balancing can only be successful if you keep track of your server statuses and current loads.Without this information, you could never know where to direct users when there is a lot of pressure on your IT resources.

Cloud Balancer helps you optimise your cloud environment for availability, performance and a quality user experience. It monitors your network and servers, and uses load-balancing methodologies to ensure the best available IT resources in the environment are used at any given time. Thanks to ongoing server health checks, Cloud Balancer can automatically send more connections to more robust servers, reducing the number of connections to servers in danger of being overloaded.

An instant, real-time view of your environment

Meeting the demand for high-performing, data-intensive applications requires you to respond to network demands quickly and accurately.

You can’t risk directing users to overloaded IT resources simply because you don’t have a holistic view of what your IT environment looks like.

Cloud Balancer has a real-time view of your cloud environment. It uses load-balancing techniques to direct users to the IT resources closest to them. If it so happens that certain resources are not available in that location, Cloud Balancer redirects the user to the next location until they are. All of this is done automatically – and quickly – to keep operations running smoothly.

Navigate your way to network optimisation

Cloud Balancer acts a bit like a navigation app that knows which routes are closed or busy and could therefore slow you down on your way to your destination. It then uses this information to direct your journey using the fastest, safest route available at that time. By directing users to the closest available IT resources, Cloud Balancer enables them to use applications without being affected by system performance issues or system downtime.

It also load balances connections between servers in the same location for increased throughput (speed) or for redundancy (a backup if one server fails).

A cost-effective solution that caters for growth

A simpler way to manage your IT environment

A fully managed and supported service

One of the significant advantages of hosting your IT infrastructure in the cloud is that you don’t need in-house IT expertise to realise the benefits of world-class technology. There is no need to employ people to manage the hosted environment; simply plug into our expertise instead.

Cloud Balancer allows you to manage your IT environment effectively. It ensures that your operations continue to run in a stable IT environment, without the need for complex network changes or end user reconfiguration that require a certain level of skill to perform. Because it’s a fully managed service, you can draw on our knowledge, expertise and systems to get the most out of your cloud investment, with 24/7 support.

Grow your business, improve your balance

Successfully monitoring and managing your servers is one thing. Doing so while your business grows and the number of data-intensive applications and network strain increase – without constantly having to shut down operations to analyse and balance networks manually – is a different matter altogether.

As your business grows, Cloud Balancer is able to cater for more servers and other IT resources that need balancing. You don’t have to worry about taking a conservative approach to network growth and can expand our business with peace of mind.

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