It’s hard to ignore the benefits of cloudification. Instant provisioning, flexible storage, data security and pay-as-you-use models mean greater operational efficiency, improved IT maintenance, and more agility when testing and deploying new services.

Cloud Connect from Internet Solutions supports your move to the cloud and helps you realise these benefits. It offers a single, secure link for connecting to various public cloud platforms and cloud service providers over our robust, carrier-grade network. Cloud Connect provides the gold standard of versatile, secure MPLS VPN connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Dimension Data Cloud plus many more.

Cloud Connect helps Enterprise clients who want simplified cloud management with enhanced security by reducing costs through scalable infrastructure and enabling faster deployment through high performance connectivity to the cloud. Now you can onboard with your cloud provider(s) of choice quickly, manage cloud services efficiently, and start testing and implementing new services sooner.

Access any cloud platform, anywhere

Your gateway to the world’s leading platforms

Cloud Connect currently offers direct access to platforms from the world’s top cloud service providers:

  • Microsoft Cloud, which includes the Microsoft Azure suite, through ExpressRoute
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), through AWS Direct Connect
  • Google Suite through Carrier Peering
  • Dimension Data through Cloud Private Network Connection
  • Internet Solutions ITaaS through MPLS VPN
  • It also supports a range of platforms from other cloud service providers. As new, comparable platforms become available, they will be added to the Cloud Connect service.

Accelerate your business

As these service providers continue to invest in their technology, services and features, so you’ll be able to take advantage of their latest offerings. That means it will be quicker – and easier – to try new business software tools, roll out updates (and roll back, if you need to), and deploy Web-based and software-as-a-service applications, on any cloud environment of choice.

Simplified cloud management for any strategy

Fast deployment through high-performance connectivity

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect enables you to store and run your workloads from your cloud service providers of choice, either through a private or public Internet set-up. Our MPLS VPN-based service offers greater reliability, higher speeds and lower latencies than typical connections over the Internet, all of which enable faster deployment.

Whether you choose our Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) private connection or Ethernet connection option, you’ll immediately see the difference in the performance of applications and services hosted on the cloud platforms available through Cloud Connect.

We can connect you from:

  • Any-to-any (MPLS VPN) network
  • A point-to-point Ethernet private network in specific Data Centre locations
  • A managed virtual cross-connection or a dedicated cross connect to the Cloud Service

Enhanced security

Cloud Connect offers a range of security options, so you can choose to secure as best suited to your risk management requirements.

Using the in-built MPLS encryption policies or adding on from our Security products.

Cloud Connect solution options include:

  • IS data centre interconnectivity: This option is for Internet Solutions data centre clients. It connects major data centres in different regions over a private MPLS network, which means clients cross-connect to their cloud platforms from our data centres.
  • Enterprise EPN Cloud Connect: Using Layer 2 over MPLS connectivity from IS to the cloud services in South Africa, this option offers end-to-end provisioning from the cloud platform to your organisations point of interconnect at IS. This cost-effective, high-speed service is ideal for businesses looking for high speed capacity to cloud services.
  • Enterprise VPN Cloud Connect: This option uses Layer 3 connectivity (VPN), managed by IS, to connect you to your cloud environment. It allows for any-to-any connections, and offers high speed, low latency, security and high levels of reliability.

Scalable infrastructure and flexible billing

One sign-in for managing your Cloud Connect options

Our client portal makes it easy for you to manage the connection to your cloud services environment.

Log in once to:

  • Select, upgrade or downgrade your bandwidth on Cloud Connect
  • Set up different quality of service (QoS) configurations for different services, for example, for data, voice and video
  • Select and provision the various cloud services available from each cloud vendor

Reduce costs: pay only for what you use or pay as you grow

Cloud Connect offers predictable pricing and no lock-ins. You pay only for the services you use and get one bill for accessing each of the public clouds you use. This helps to reduce the costs of managing your environment.

Cloud Connect from Internet Solutions

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