To get the most out of the cloud technology behind your business, you need a stable IT environment where everything runs as it should.

Unfortunately, monitoring systems can be expensive, and more often than not you don’t have the resources to monitor critical IT components 24/7. But the cost of not monitoring your environment effectively can be incredibly high if something goes wrong that could have been prevented.

Cloud Monitoring lets you monitor your entire IT environment, quickly, efficiently and proactively, so that you can focus on running your organisation at optimal performance with confidence.

Optimise performance, maintain control

Maximise productivity

Maintain control and focus on business innovation

Failures or poor performance in the IT environment can have a significant impact on your business:

Slow response times, downtime, unavailable systems and data loss can result in financial and reputational damage.

Cloud Monitoring allows you to maintain control over your entire IT environment while being able to focus on business innovation.

Maximise productivity

Effective monitoring helps ensure that operations keep running in a stable IT environment. You don’t have to worry about loss of productivity or damages resulting from problems in your IT environment because you can successfully mitigate any risks associated with these.



Optimise performance for business continuity

Reports and alerts enable you to optimise the performance of the environment for maximum productivity by identifying trends in usage and monitoring capacity. This means you can change resources as needed and proactively manage possible risks before they become a problem.

You can also identify changes to the environment that must be included in business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Choose what to monitor

Each organisation is unique, and more often than not monitoring systems don’t address your specific IT environment’s needs.

From a temperature drop in a refrigerator to slow response times on your website, Cloud Monitoring lets you control what to monitor and how to report on results.

We can consult with you to determine your organisational needs and make monitoring recommendations based on these.

One monitoring system for your entire IT environment

A real-time view of your entire IT environment

A fully automated, hosted and supported solution

Cloud Monitoring is a fully automated, hosted and supported solution that gives you a single, real-time view of the critical components of your entire IT environment in a way that makes business sense.

Quick to implement, easy to run

Deployment and configuration are automated, so even in very large environments it doesn’t take long to set up your server monitoring software.

Monitoring parameters and real-time alerts

Given the complexity of IT environments, there are many potential points of failure: power, hardware, networks, servers and applications, to name a few.

To help you manage potential risks and quickly address critical issues, Cloud Monitoring detects device types and enables you to set up a profile with specific monitoring parameters for each device. These parameters are then used as a baseline against whichfor measuring the performance of each device is measured. If the performance of any device deviates from the baseline you have determined for that device Cloud Monitoring will automatically alert you.

Devices include:

  • Servers
  • Virtual machines
  • Operating systems
  • Networks (LANs and WANs)
  • Printers and desktops
  • Databases
  • Processes, queues and flows
  • Applications and application performance

Monitor server performance for specific business functions

The Cloud Monitoring dashboard shows how your IT environment is performing by business function, rather than component type, so you can quickly identify potential failures or downtime, and take action

By understanding what are users doing, when, and on which systems and applications, you can implement the right IT solutions, allocate IT resources more effectively, and identify areas of misuse or abuse.

A fully managed, affordable solution

Affordable and efficient

Affordable and efficient

Comprehensive monitoring systems can be very expensive to install and complex to run. In addition to this, they don’t always monitor all the areas you need them to monitor.

With Cloud Monitoring, you enjoy the benefits of a fully managed, hosted, and supported solution. You don’t have to buy a monitoring system or employ the people to run it. There are no equipment, software, consulting or training costs – simply plug into our system, and we will do the rest.

You only pay a one-off setup fee, and a monthly fee based on what is monitored.

A solution that grows with your business

As your business grows, so do the quantity and complexity of devices you need to monitor. Cloud Monitoring supports your growing business and you don’t have to make any major additional investments in IT infrastructure to keep up with demand – you simply keep paying for what you use.


Critical support

In addition to the 24/7 support that we offer, we also run a 24/7 service desk for escalating critical calls. We will deal directly with the person you selected to handle the incident on your side.