We can use the same device to answer a phone call, send a text message and see who liked our latest social media post.

Likewise, our business communication channels should offer employees, customers and other business partners the same experience when interacting with our organisations, allowing them to connect effortlessly from one application to the next, wherever they may be.

In this omnichannel communications environment, we are more than just a cloud PBX provider. Our hosted voice services include pay-as-you-use PBX, a fully hosted contact centre, and a platform for communication tools and applications that can be used on any device, anywhere.


Bring your contact centre into the digital age

Make cheaper calls on an efficient cloud PBX system

With cloud PBX, there’s no need for complicated cables and phone connections at your offices. Calls made over this network are of excellent quality, and they’re much cheaper than calls made over a fixed phone line.

As your cloud VoIP provider, we maintain the underlying infrastructure, including all upgrades. All you have to do is manage your user profiles, call routing and voice extensions from our self-service portal.

Our VoIP platform can also accommodate other types of traffic, such as data and multimedia, so you can use it to support your unified communications strategy.

Bring your hosted contact centre into the digital age

To meet customer demand for a choice of interconnected digital channels, contact centres are adopting new phone system technologies that can support a multichannel, and ultimately omnichannel, communications environment.

Our Hosted IP Contact Centre can support this capability by integrating with other communication tools as well as with workforce and customer relationship management applications, making it so much easier to streamline your operations and improve the customer experience.

Support your network of mobile and remote workers

Socially smart businesses need all-in-one communication systems that can support a network of people who need to work, communicate and collaborate from different locations, using a range of different devices.

With Unified Communicator, you can use the same IP network for voice, data and multimedia traffic, so you can integrate different communication channels and tools to engage your customers and business partners in new ways.

You’ll also be able to bring together increasingly mobile and geographically dispersed individuals and teams, enabling them to collaborate effectively from wherever they are.

Quickly deploy new features when they’re needed, and disable them just as fast when they’re no longer required.


Your multichannel contact centre in the cloud

A cloud PBX service for business voice communications

Hosted IP PBX – better known as HIP – uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), so calls are made over the Internet rather than over a fixed phone line.

The service uses our MPLS network, which prioritises voice traffic over other data traffic to guarantee excellent call quality. All you need to start making calls is an IP phone and a connection to our network.

HIP also supports advanced features such as call forwarding, hunting groups, and the ability to receive voice message alerts by email.

Your multichannel contact centre in the cloud

Our Hosted IP Contact Centre (HICC) is an end-to-end hosted contact centre solution with two different packages for different service needs. All you need to do is select the package that best suits your business requirements, and leave the management of the contact centre operations up to us.

The Express package offers standard contact centre services, while the Enterprise package caters for more advanced communication and management requirements.

One application for a range of communication tools

Our Unified Communicator lets you access a range of communication and collaboration tools, from voice and video to instant messaging and desktop sharing, in a single application.

These tools can be accessed over the Internet from any device, or many devices at the same, if you’re busy (and good at multitasking). Seamlessly use the same application to make a call from your mobile phone, send an instant message from your laptop and share a document on your tablet.

Your organisation will have its own private user group, so you’ll be in control of who has access to the app.


Roll out new services easily

Free up budget for unified communications tools

By simplifying your communications infrastructure and operations, and reducing costs, you’ll have more time and budget to invest in tools for improving productivity and customer engagement.

Our cloud voice services reduce fixed-line and mobile voice network costs, and we charge for calls per second, right from the start. Detailed usage and cost reports will help you manage and contain your communication spend.

Roll out new services easily

Because our services aren’t limited to just one location, you can link separate branches and roll out new features to all users on the same platform, wherever they are, without needing to install new hardware and additional lines.

Benefit from our communications structure and expertise

You’ll have just one point of contact, service level agreements to guarantee quality and availability, and 24/7 support. All our PBX services are hosted in our secure data centres.