Having a corporate network that keeps up with your business can be costly – networking technology, hardware and expertise are expensive, and complicated installations can prolong the setting up of networks for new branches or in support of innovative business models.

CloudWAN is a unified, virtual WAN and network function solution that simplifies the way you manage your network. The network essentially functions as a service on a single device, so you need just one device at each location instead of a complicated structure of network hardware.

You can deploy branch applications and services as virtual network functions, and manage policies centrally, in the cloud.

Site in a box

Support customer and employee connectivity choices on any device

Get new offices online quickly

Network setup and configuration is much simpler – and faster – thanks to a centrally managed cloud controller that enables you to manage configuration, security, usage and other policies centrally.

You no longer have to set up a stack of hardware appliances on site. Simply deploy virtualised services remotely on the uEdge device to get new branches on the network. This can significantly reduce your network setup, management and maintenance costs.

Optimise the user experience

CloudWAN helps you configure and manage network routing equipment to take advantage of additional connectivity options for cloud, mobility and collaboration services. This means you’ll be able to connect with customers using new technology to provide a seamless, omnichannel customer experience.

You’ll also have the option to prioritise network traffic to optimise the user experience – if an app is slow, the network will adapt to where you want traffic to go. Having this intelligent bandwidth means you can support customer and employee connectivity choices on any device and communication channel.

A new way of networking

Set up any site, anywhere

One device for your entire network configuration

With CloudWAN, you no longer have to ship out network devices, servers and applications to new sites. Even your skilled engineers can stay where they are and set up site-to-site VPN remotely.

All you need to get up and running is a Unified Edge (uEdge) device and access to the centralised cloud controller, which is where you set up and manage network policies. The controller is available online to anyone with authorised access, so your network engineers can set up any site, anywhere, from wherever they are.

Once the uEdge device is installed at a site, it automatically calls the cloud controller for automatic configuration.

Rapid deployment means your IT teams can set up and manage networks quickly and efficiently.

Easy network maintenance and upgrades

Because CloudWAN uses open architecture, any network function that adheres to the CloudWAN open standards will be compatible with the service. This means much easier maintenance and upgrades as vendors introduce new network function capabilities.


Fast deployment of applications and services

In the past, deploying applications to new business user groups was a huge challenge. Now, applications are bundled into profiles that can be instantly deployed and delivered to user communities.

Centralised, cost-effective network management

Cloud-based, centralised network management

Speedy setup and configuration

CloudWAN helps you to reduce the setup time and service costs of network products and applications. The multi-tenant controller delivers cloud-based, centralised network management, enabling you to speed up setup and configuration. From the user-friendly dashboard, you can:

  • Access and manage security, usage and other policies.
  • View, monitor and control the performance of the network.


CloudWAN also helps you to reduce costs by enabling you to:

  • Upgrade existing services or implement new ones without having to replace expensive hardware.
  • Use alternative, cheaper transport networks.
  • Employ junior staff for network deployments and upgrades.