Whether you’re brainstorming a new initiative or discussing the next steps in a project, you need everyone involved in the same room to share ideas, raise concerns and make decisions.

Of course, this isn’t always possible, or practical. Your teams may be in different offices, branches, or even different countries.

When you can’t get people together in a meeting room, you can get them on the same call. Internet Solutions Conferencing is a cloud-based multi interface conferencing solution that lets three or more participants join a call from wherever they are, right away – no special equipment or complicated meeting requests required.

Collaboration made easy

A global communication solution

Call in from anywhere

With the advent of the mobile workforce in this digital era, it’s becoming increasingly important for organisations to provide employees with remote-working capabilities. Being limited by your ability to communicate outside of a physical office space can be a deal breaker for many potential employees and even other businesses who want to interact with your organisation.

Our IS Cloud Conferencing solutions enable reliable and effective communication and collaboration across your organisation. You can set up a meeting with teams or specialists in any location, and all they require is internet or calling capabilities. Because everyone has the ability to make a call, the Audio-Conferencing system is very accessible.

You can have a conference call with anyone, across time zones and geographies, without having to go anywhere and full voice video and IM&P sessions only require internet access.

Enable more collaboration

By empowering people to conference call into important meetings from any location, you can ensure that all of the critical participants can accept the meeting request and be a part of the conversation. No more driving to different offices or declining an off-site meeting because you simply don’t have the time to travel: all you have to do is connect and take part.

This also drastically cuts down on the expense of travelling to and from meetings, and allows people to share information and ideas and make decisions quickly and effectively.

On-demand audio conferencing

Create a collaboration space, wherever you are

All you need is a phone

IS Cloud Conferencing can be used by anyone who can make a call or has internet access, which means you can set up meetings that include people from outside your organisation. To join the conversation, they can use any internet connectivity, and simply click on the host invitation. The service does not require you to have special equipment on site, so you can implement it anywhere and make it available to anyone without any installation costs or fuss.

Conferencing made quick and easy

Collaboration meetings are easy to set up and join. The host can join the meeting at any time to immediately activate the conference. Participants join the conference by following the link shared with them. The conference ends once the host leaves

No more competing for meeting space

There is nothing more frustrating, or disruptive, than meeting rooms that are either double-booked or constantly unavailable. With IS Conferencing, the bridge is permanently available, so there is no need to reserve capacity for conferences. People simply connect to their rooms and use the service on demand, and you do not have to coordinate with other people’s meetings to have yours.

Add more participants without a hitch

You can select a package that enables you to have from 2 to thousands of participants on a conference, from any number of locations. Simply log a request and we will increase your package to allow for the increased number of participants for the conference, quickly and easily

Reliable service, excellent audio quality

A solution that grows with your business

Quality and security

The nature of conference call conversations are often confidential with a lot of intellectual property, important decisions and personal information being shared. Audio Conferencing works from a completely secure platform, so you can engage, innovate and interact with confidence.

We also have set service level agreements in place to ensure the availability of the service and that every call offers the same high quality and clear lines over the physical speaker.

Easy to set up with 24/7 support

IS Conferencing is a cloud-based service, which means the infrastructure to run it is hosted and managed by our specialist teams.You don’t need on-site equipment or dedicated staff to support the service, as we also provide 24/7 support. IS Conferencing is compatible with any telephony platform, and can scale up to meet any level of demand. It’s easy to set up.

As one of our Voice clients, you’ll be able to monitor usage and costs by accessing detailed reports from a self-service portal.

Better integration of optimised growth

If you want to take your collaboration tools to the next level, you already have a platform for doing so, as our cloud conference calling solution can be engineered to accommodate video, web-conferencing and other communication applications. This allows for better integration between business-critical applications so that your organisation can operate and innovate at maximum capacity.

Keeping track of meeting decisions

Record meetings for later playback – as a reference or for demonstrations. Integrate web and audio portions using optional teleconferencing, for an integrated experience.

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