While there are some events we can’t plan for or prevent, we can be prepared to respond quickly and effectively when things go wrong.

In the event of a disruption, maintaining employee productivity is just as important as keeping your IT service centres running.

Continuity SA can help you maintain operations effortlessly and efficiently. Wherever you are in Africa, we can assist with all aspects of business continuity management.

Our professional consulting services equip your organisation with the right business continuity plan, while our well-equipped recovery facilities enable you to respond quickly and effectively in any situation.

Design and implement effective business continuity plans

A holistic business continuity service

Contingency plans designed for business continuity

Continuity SA services start with mapping out your business continuity requirements and making sure you have the right contingency plans in place to respond effectively to any event that disrupts business as usual.

We have the expertise and experience to assist you in both designing and implementing a business continuity plan which address the following four areas:

  • Interruption of IT services
  • Stoppages from third-party product and service vendors
  • Disruption in the workplace
  • Reduction in the workforce

We also offer a range of hosting, backup and recovery services for your IT environment. This means you’ll always have access to the data, systems, communication tools and applications that you rely on to run your operations.

Workplace and workforce support

If your offices are shut down, our Work Area Recovery Services are fully equipped to enable a fast recovery. With access to alternative work environments, you can minimise the effect of the disruption, retain your brand and image, and give employees, clients and suppliers confidence in your services.

Syndicated facilities and IT equipment are available within two hours from when the disaster occurs, or even less, depending on the infrastructure required. Dedicated facilities are available immediately.

End-to-end business continuity management

Business Continuity Services and Work Area Recovery Services

Business Continuity Services

Consulting services

Effective business continuity and disaster recovery start with proper planning. We offer comprehensive advisory services relating to business continuity management, including business impact analysis planning and risk assessments.

Our professional consultants will help you ensure that your business remains online, your employees can keep working, and that business-critical processes can be performed in spite of major disruptions. 

Hosting, backup and recovery services

Our hosting solutions range from co-location to fully managed virtualised environments. Our primary focus is on ensuring that you can address the resilience and recoverability of your IT services.

These solutions are complemented by managed backup and recovery services, virtual server replication and high-availability solutions to satisfy any continuity requirement.

Work Area Recovery Services

A crucial element of business continuity management is being able to provide secure, comfortable facilities for employees, with access to communication capabilities, IT equipment, and a data centre.

Our Work Area Recovery Services have the technical infrastructure to keep your business running and ensure that employee productivity is maintained. In addition, our experienced and knowledgeable staff are on site daily to provide IT and telephony support. 

A choice of suites and seats

Our facilities include separate recovery suites with various configurations, from single executive offices to large, open-plan work areas. Relaxation areas, meeting rooms, boardrooms and crisis management centres can also be made available.

You have a choice of seats to help you maintain service levels – dedicated and production seats are for stakeholders who perform critical services, while syndicated seating is for general services performed by back office or front office employees.

Secure, fully equipped recovery centres

All facilities are secure, comfortable and equipped with full communications capabilities, IT equipment and a reliable, secure and robust data centre.

They also comply with occupational health and safety (OHS) standards.

Expertise for fast disaster recovery

A choice of consulting, hosting or workplace services

Choose from a range of services that covers your organisation

Continuity SA includes a wide range of services aimed at assisting you in being prepared for, and being able to recover quickly from, any disruption to your business.

You can start by working with our expert consultants to develop a business continuity plan that covers all aspects of your organisation, or focus only on disaster recovery options for your IT services.

You can use some or all of our Work Area Recovery Services facilities for functions other than disaster recovery, too.

They’re available for pre-production testing, planning hardware or software roll-outs or upgrades, or conducting user testing – whatever you’d rather do off site.

Access to our technical expertise

Our engineers have the technical skills and experience to assist you with any aspect of your disaster recovery process, from coordinating DR tests to managing the entire recovery process.

We can also arrange additional technical support from specialist supply companies, on request.