Despite having a considerable choice of communication channels at our disposal, calls are still our first option when we need to make immediate contact and fast decisions, or get our message out quickly to the right people.

An effective PBX system not only connects people within and to your business, it also interconnects with other communication tools for improving productivity and customer engagement.

Our Core PBX Services are delivered over a secure Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform that guarantees excellent call quality at lower rates.It also supports other communication applications that can make your business phone system more effective.

Extend your communication capabilities

Far more cost-effective than conventional fixed line and mobile voice options

Besides being far more cost-effective than conventional fixed line and mobile voice options, our PBX Systems offer other benefits that make it easy to keep your business connected in the digital economy.

For a start, the service isn’t limited to a physical location, so you can extend it to your remote and mobile employees, and add new branches without the hassle of installing and connecting cables for fixed lines. All you need is VoIP phone to get going. If you already have a traditional PBX, you don’t have to worry about installing a new IT infrastructure: our service integrates easily with most PBXs.

The VoIP platform can also enhance your communication capabilities by enabling voice, data and other media traffic to converge on the same network. It can be used for unified communications, linking your PBX to collaboration tools, social media networks, and customer relationship management applications in one, omnichannel environment.

Call anyone, anywhere, for less, with an IP PBX System from Internet Solutions

We stand behind our promise of excellent call quality

A choice of call types

Core Voice Services cover all types of calls – think of it as a PBX system. Use our secure network to connect your branches, dial locally and internationally, and make calls to mobile phones – all at competitive rates.

Choose which number you want to use, and which components of the service you’d like to include. You can change or add to these whenever you need to.

With Core Voice Services:

  • Community: Make calls between people and branches in your organisation, as well as other Internet Solutions Voice clients, at a nominal rate.
  • Local: Make calls within 50km of your dialling code.
  • National: Call anywhere in South Africa.
  • Cellular: Make calls to mobile phones on any local mobile network, anywhere in South Africa, at competitive rates.
  • Global: Make calls to international landline and mobile phone numbers.
  • Contact centre: Receive incoming calls to your contact centre over the Core Voice PBX network.
  • Reporting: Detailed reports on call types, duration and spend, as well as on call trends, show where you’re saving and where you may need to intervene to curtail call volumes and talk time.

Voice SLA for quality and availability

As a leading VoIP provider, we stand behind our promise of excellent call quality. This is why we can confidently offer you the option of establishing service level agreements that measure the quality of calls, network availability and reporting against a set of agreed metrics.

If the Core Voice Services fall short of these standards, we’ll pay a penalty according to an agreed percentage of revenue.

Voice Value Added Services

We have a range of accessories to help you get even more out of your voice communication service:

  • Telephone Management System: Get detailed analytics on call services for reporting and cost analysis.
  • Hosted Call Recording: Store and easily access recorded calls in the cloud.
  • Geographic Number Portability: Port your phone number from your existing service provider to our network.
  • Local Number Service: Run a global business from your local office – this service shows a local dialling code when you make international calls.

Make multiple calls without multiple lines

Hosted in our secure data centres, with redundancy and failover plans in place

Our PBX Services don’t require a complicated set-up of handsets and cables to be installed wherever you’re operating from. This makes it much easier to add new users and branches to the service, attach new call components such as international dialling, and include voice accessories like call recording and number portability.

The systems that run the service are hosted in our secure data centres, with redundancy and failover plans in place to ensure reliability and call quality, all backed by 24/7 technical support.

Our all-in rates mean there are no hidden costs or surprises, while true per-second billing guarantees that you really pay only for what you use.