When assessing the feasibility of using applications and cloud services that can help your employees to be more productive or improve the way you engage with your customers, you need to factor in the amount of bandwidth they’ll use and make sure your systems can cope.

It’s important that your existing business broadband can support the size and volume of traffic these services will generate.

DSL – digital subscriber line – is a convenient option for high-speed broadband Internet access. Our DSL Solutions service is underpinned by our fibre network, giving you fast connectivity at more affordable rates than fibre solutions.

Bandwidth as unlimited as you want it to be

Bandwidth that suits your budget

Bandwidth that suits your budget

DSL Solutions gives you a wide range of choices, enabling you to choose the bandwidth service that makes sense for your business as well as your budget. There’s no big capital outlay or long-term commitment, as you’re not investing in the connectivity infrastructure, and you don’t have to maintain it. You just pay a fixed monthly fee for the service you’ve chosen.

Adjust supply as demand changes

If the demand for bandwidth increases as your organisation makes use of more advanced applications, cloud services and communications technology, DSL Solutions can meet the greater demand without any compromise in the speed or quality of service you’re used to.

Affordable and accessible connectivity

Unshaped line treats all traffic equally


Fast, reliable and unshaped connectivity

DSL uses existing copper phone lines to provide an Internet connection, but creates a separate connection to your landline. This means business DSL solutions are usually cheaper than fibre, and more widely available.

With DSL Solutions, you’ll have fast and reliable connectivity for accessing business information, as this high-speed broadband Internet service is underpinned by the Internet Solutions fibre network.

Connectivity is unshaped, and you have a range of options for allowing or preventing certain types of traffic on the network, in line with your security and general usage policies. You also have the choice of either capping your bandwidth, if your usage is fairly predictable and stable, or selecting an uncapped option.

Unshaped line treats all traffic equally

The DSL Solutions connection is unshaped, which means that all types of traffic travelling over the network – emails, document files, website data, voice and video communications – are given the same priority. Practically speaking, this means your online voice call won’t suffer because an email transfer is given preference.



Capped bandwidth: DSL Extreme

If you have high Internet usage and know the amount of bandwidth you need each month, DSL Extreme offers a premium connectivity service over other DSL options. We manage the network closely to ensure ADSL services deliver the best performance.

Should you happen to run out of bandwidth in any given month, you can quickly top up with additional capacity from a self-service portal.

Uncapped bandwidth options

  • DSL Cruiser: The DSL Cruiser packages offer uncapped bandwidth and a choice of connection speeds. You may also choose to implement a fair-use policy, which allows you to set up a list of traffic categories that may not travel on the network. You can adapt this list as requirements change.
  • Bonded DSL: For a single, high-speed connection with no limitations on bandwidth use or traffic types, Bonded DSL combines up to four ADSL lines to reach speeds of up to 16 Mbps.

All packages come with an ADSL router, which we will set up for you, and which has lightning protection. You also get unlimited incoming faxes (faxes are delivered as attachments to your email inbox) and five public IP addresses, which you can use for email or web servers.

Stay in control of usage and costs

An affordable connectivity service that comes at a fixed monthly fee

Affordable connectivity helping you stay in control

DSL Solutions is an affordable connectivity service that comes at a fixed monthly fee, helping you stay in control of overall connectivity costs.

Our self-service portal gives you access to usage statistics and reports that allow you to monitor and manage bandwidth usage, and adapt it as demand changes. There are also packages that allow you to exclude traffic in certain categories to so that your bandwidth is used only for business and your network is protected from potential security threats.

We have service level agreements in place to guarantee performance, and we provide expert 24/7 support.