From your inbox to your calendar and back again, it’s hard to get through an average working day without using the messaging and scheduling tools most email applications provide.

But as the size and volume of email in your organisation continue to increase, so does the risk of viruses and spam, the need for bandwidth, and your email administration costs.

As a secure email provider, Internet Solutions offers several effective and affordable email services to help your business run smoothly, including email archiving solutions, a bulk email service and email branding options.

Delegate the admin hassle, keep admin control

Focus on strategic tasks, knowing that your email security is taken care of

Outsource your email hosting and administration to be able to focus on more strategic tasks

Many organisations no longer manage email internally anymore, as it doesn’t make sense for IT teams to spend time on capacity planning and managing software licences.

By outsourcing your email hosting and administration to us, you can focus on more strategic tasks.

Knowing that your email security is taken care of and that you won’t experience delays in accessing or sending important emails.

While we’re working behind the scenes to keep your email services running safely and smoothly, you stay in control of each service by means of a self-service portal. Here, you’ll be able to do everything from setting up mailboxes and email signatures to managing bulk email campaigns.

Email hosting, security, archiving and more

We offer a number of cost-effective options for managing your business email

Hosted Exchange

Access your emails, contacts, calendars and task lists in the cloud, from anywhere and on any device. The Exchange server stays in sync and can send information to many devices in near-real time.

Hosted Exchange has two versions, Premium and Lite, each with a range of storage space options. You can have a mix of Lite and Premium users, and can change users from Lite to Premium (and back) as needed.

Hosted Exchange also keeps email safe, even after it’s been deleted, with three copies of all mailboxes spread across multiple servers. Deleted mailboxes and emails are kept for 14 days, so you can recover them at any time in that period.

The Exchange server is hosted in our data centre and guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Integrated Email Services

This open-source, Linux-based solution offers a cost-effective alternative to having an on-site solution for email and collaboration tools.

It’s easy to set up and manage, it works across operating platforms, and there are no licence fees. Using Integrated Email Services, people can respond to emails quickly and share information from anywhere, as they access their email and collaboration tools through their Mail Client or a Web browser. Anti-virus and anti-spam filters make sure only clean email is delivered.

The Integrated Email Services solution also comes with these management tools:

  • Email Archiving: Hosted email archiving gives you unlimited email storage and a 10-year archive retention. You can set your retention policies, and use the instant search function to find and quickly retrieve stored mail.
  • Email Security: The email security service uses advanced detection technologies, including anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing and content control protection, to detect and prevent email attacks. Compatible with all email infrastructure, it filters over 95% of spam, helping you preserve valuable bandwidth.
  • Bulk Email: Create, send, monitor and view reports on bulk emails using a permission-based system. Regardless of your company size, our bulk email service is an ideal solution for extending your reach. You can send high volumes of dynamic, personalised, and HTML and rich-media emails. Use it for company newsletters, customer service announcements, invitations, follow-up emails or member notices, or contact thousands of prospects with your latest offer, marketing message or product launch.
  • Email Branding and Signature: Make each email you send a marketing asset. Embed links and banners for marketing campaigns and get immediate feedback on response rates, and ensure each email reflects your company brand with a customised disclaimer and email signature.

A fully managed email services

Our expert team manages all the technical aspects of the service

Fully managed, online service by our expert team

Each Internet Solutions email service is a fully managed, online service. This means our expert team manages all the technical aspects of the service to make sure it’s running optimally to serve your business. We take care of patches and upgrades, and pay licence fees (where applicable).

We have service level agreements in place for availability and offer 24/7 support, so you don’t have to make contingency plans for email and related applications if you have a power outage.

It’s also easier for you to control costs as there are no unforeseen overheads to worry about – we manage everything you usually would with an on-site solution, including staff, hardware maintenance and licence renewals.