Despite the prevalence of email in business communication, there is still a need for organisations to enable communication by fax.

Some of your customers or suppliers may not have access to scanners or to the Internet, so they use fax instead of email. Others may have scanners but find faxing is easier, or they prefer to send and receive signed documents by fax.

With IS Fax, you’re able to communicate by fax safely and efficiently. Our fax services enable companies of any size to receive faxes directly in their mailboxes and send faxes as email attachments.

Safe delivery and storage of fax messages

Take your fax services to new heights

Protect messages from being destroyed or intercepted

Usually, the kind of documents sent by fax need to be kept confidential. If you have a paper-based fax machine that everyone in the office can use, there’s a risk that anyone with access to that machine can see or pick up documents that have been sent through. It’s also possible that faxed documents could go missing or even be destroyed, with no evidence of who was responsible.

With IS Fax, documents are delivered directly to a mailbox, there’s no risk of them getting lost or damaged, or ending up in the wrong hands. And because they’re received as attachments, they are easier to save and share (they can be forwarded as tiff files or PDF attachments). For extra protection, you can also choose who may send and receive faxes over IS Fax.

Fax messages to your intended recipients, fast

With a paper-based fax system, it’s not easy to keep tabs on who has taken delivery of a fax or where these documents are stored. Even the most efficient fax machine can’t guarantee immediate delivery to the intended recipient – someone still has to walk to the fax machine to retrieve the document.

And what if the person meant to receive the fax isn’t in the office? Or if the fax machine runs out of ink? Maybe a paper jam necessitates a technician to be deployed to fix the machine, at a cost? This causes further delays in receiving and responding to communication sent by fax.

IS Fax ensures that faxes are immediately sent to the right person and can be accessed from anywhere, as long as the user has an email connection.

Fax to email: secure attachments

A range of options and features for faxing

No fax machine, paper or fax line required

Fax messages sent to any of the numbers you have on the IS Fax service are routed directly to the recipient’s mailbox over our secure network. This means you can receive faxes by email from any device with an Internet connection.

Because they’re delivered as attachments, the messages are easier to save and share. It’s just as easy to send a fax, too – simply attach the document to an email message, and forward it to your recipient’s fax number.

Choose and allocate fax numbers

You can select the type of number or numbers you use to send and receive faxes, for example, a shared, geographic or non-geographic landline number.You can have more than one fax number and can also assign a particular number to certain employees.

Keep an audit trail of faxes received and sent

Logs on fax machines are limited: they don’t keep a full, digital record of exactly what was sent, who sent or received it, and when. While you might not need to access your fax logs on a daily basis, you can run into a world of trouble if you are asked to provide a log and you aren’t able to produce one quickly and accurately. With IS Fax, you can maintain an accurate audit trail of all faxes received and sent over the system. No paper, no fuss, just a complete and easily accessible digital record of your entire fax log.

Reach more people quickly with our bulk fax facility

Gone are the days of lining up individual faxes to multiple recipients. For an additional fee, you can use IS Fax to send bulk faxes, which can be queued for distribution to specific fax numbers. And the ease of use doesn’t stop there: our bulk fax service can be automated to send messages at specific times, giving you even more control over your communication capabilities.

Hassle-free setup and maintenance

Expert support to keep you connected

No more physical maintenance

Fax machines can be a maintenance headache. Even with hiring arrangements, they need servicing and toner and paper, and someone needs to manage all the upkeep and stationery requirements. All of this, of course, comes at a cost.

IS Fax is quick to set up, easy to manage, and doesn’t require you to buy or install any hardware for it to run. The entire service runs on our secure, high-performing platform, so you don’t need phone lines, machines or software to use it. It’s hosted securely by us, and email traffic is protected using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to deliver messages safely.

An easy-to-use self-service portal

With IS Fax, you don’t need to go through cumbersome processes or worry about finding additional resources to manage, monitor and use your fax services. From the handy self-service portal, you can allocate fax numbers to employees, set up bulk fax messages, download usage reports, and add new users and numbers as your business grows – without investing in additional infrastructure.

We know how important it is to keep your lines of communication up and running, which is why we offer 24/7 support for all IS Fax services.

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