Every day, your business and employees are faced with an increasing amount of information and an ever-changing array of digital platforms to connect with. To stay relevant and competitive, you need technology platforms that enable constant access to data and applications.

But even the best platforms fall flat if they’re not supported by reliable connectivity.

Internet Solutions Fibre is a fast, secure, high-performance ethernet network that can adapt to your growing capacity and increasingly complex business continuity needs.

Uninterrupted connectivity means more productivity, while access to enhanced platforms such as cloud services promotes innovation and collaboration in your business.

keeping your people connected at the speed of light

Quick communication enables company-wide collaboration

Employees can access the tools and applications they need quickly

Your employees can access the tools and business applications they need quickly, easily and without the frustration of downtime or slow response times. Quick communication enables company-wide collaboration, which improves productivity and supports innovation.

Fibre supports the cloud services and advanced communications tools that facilitate engagement across your organisation.

Keep up with capacity

Need to start using mobile apps or e-commerce services in your business? How about streaming videos to communicate with employees? As your business grows, so does the volume of data being sent across your network.

More sophisticated communications, cloud services and business applications require a high-performance connection that keep up with the increasing amount of data you need to send on a daily basis.

Maintain productivity

With Internet Solutions Fibre, faster bandwidth means uninterrupted access to critical applications such as enterprise resource planning, centralised databases, email, and Internet and intranet access. Your business can continue to run at a fast pace without the threat of connection interruptions or loss of data.


Connectivity over a separate, dedicated network

Benefit from fast, uninterrupted connectivity

Internet Solutions Fibre provides last-mile connectivity for your data and communications networks over a separate, dedicated network. This gives you the benefit of fast, uninterrupted connectivity.

Connected at the speed of light

Fibre optic cables use light, rather than electricity, to carry signals. Light travels faster than electricity, which means your data does, too. With a high-performance connection to Fibre broadband, you can send and receive large volumes of data, quickly and securely, without the frustrations of slow response times.

Reliable access to cloud services

Fibre allows you to take advantage of cloud services through a reliable, secure, high-performance connection.

The right bandwidth for your business

The Internet Solutions Fibre network has a much higher bandwidth capacity than copper or wireless systems, so you can send larger files of data as your business continues to grow. The solution easily supports growing volumes of data without compromising on performance.

You can choose between a Single Fibre or Dual Fibre package, depending on your business bandwidth needs.

Secure connections, faster backups

With Internet Solutions Fibre, all your business data is transported over a private, secure connection. Business continuity is vital, and having a fast, uninterrupted connection means you can conduct backup and disaster recovery quicker, safer and more effectively than before.

As an added bonus, fibre optic cables are not susceptible to electrical shorts and are less vulnerable to theft than copper wires, so your business is less likely to experience an interrupted connection.


Choose one of our two fixed monthly packages

Choose from two fixed monthly packages

Internet Solutions Fibre offers secure, high-performing bandwidth without you having to invest in the underlying infrastructure.

By choosing one of our two fixed monthly packages, you can ensure that your technology investments are able to support your organisation’s growth strategy.

You won't be caught off-guard by unforeseen expenses every month.

Our fully managed service provides 24/7 monitoring and support, making it easy for you to manage the growing demand for high-speed bandwidth. Our service level agreements guarantee availability, so you can focus on your business without worrying about system frustrations or interruptions.