Web-based applications, cloud services, social media, dynamic content and advanced communications tools open doors to productivity, business opportunities and growth – and also to security threats.

These threats come in many forms – botnets, data leaks or breaches, viruses and malware, malicious content, phishing and other scams, browser exploits, and so the list goes on.

Our Firewalls solution offers three security configurations for different business and compliance needs, protecting you from security risks that could result in financial or data loss and the consequences of a damaged reputation. It also ensures your compliance with requirements for data protection.

Secure your network, protect your business

Networks are vulnerable to an ever-growing range of threats

The ever-growing range of threats

As your business grows, so does the threat of IT security breaches.

The causes of these breaches are wide-ranging and not always easy to manage: with so many smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices now connecting to your network, there’s greater exposure to numerous IT security threats, from hacking and malware to phishing and whaling scams.

Inadequate firewalls or vulnerabilities in your firewall policies can also open you up to unauthorised network access and other security breaches.

The first line of defence: your firewall

Your firewall is the first barrier against the growing number of cyberthreats that could threaten your organisation. By screening traffic and enforcing security policies at the network perimeter, firewalls prevent network traffic from entering and leaving the organisation. They can also be set up to protect your businesses from violations of and non-compliance with your internal security policies.

Cyberattacks are becoming more pervasive and attackers increasingly audacious. With the consequences of security breaches ranging from considerable financial loss and data theft to personal criminal liability, the state of your firewall is something you can’t afford to ignore.

We have the expertise to set up, monitor and maintain your firewall so you can focus on running your business, knowing that your network perimeter is adequately secured.

Adapt your firewall as security needs change

As your business and security needs change, you’ll be able to adapt and add firewall configurations as needed.

Security solutions need to encompass technology, systems, people and processes, and our Firewalls solutions are geared to address each of these in line with your corporate risk profile and security requirements. They include options for multi-tenanted or dedicated firewall environments, advanced reporting, compliance management, and application control.

Ongoing defence against security threats

Configuration options for different risk profiles

Firewall configuration options for different risk profiles

Not all security needs – or risks – are the same. To be effective, your firewall needs to give adequate protection in line with your organisation’s risk profile. Too much protection could slow down business processes; too little could leave you exposed.

We therefore offer three firewall management configurations, for different levels of security and compliance, to clients who are on our MPLS network or who have hosted services in an Internet Solutions data centre:

  • Bronze: Basic, entry-level security for meeting minimum requirements.
  • Silver: More advanced protection, with full redundancy and application control, and advanced reporting.
  • Gold: This is the highest level of firewall security, incorporating a fully redundant firewall with advanced security capabilities such as intrusion prevention, policy and compliance management, detailed reporting, and even an awareness service that alerts users to potentially risky applications.

You can choose a different level of firewall security for different areas of your business. You may choose an entry-level solution for virtual machines, or a more comprehensive solution that incorporates advanced reporting, auditing and compliance management, and policy definitions.

As your firewall security manager, we will then install and manage the firewall in line with your requirements.

Expert management of your firewall

You can rest in the knowledge that we’ll be vigilant

24/7 monitoring and support by our experts

Expert management of your firewalls require constant maintenance to ensure they are configured for optimal security and continuous compliance.

We have the skills and resources to not only implement but also monitor and maintain your firewall solution. With a managed firewall service from Internet Solutions, you can rest in the knowledge that we’ll be vigilant about dealing with suspicious activity and countering security attacks around the clock.

We provide secure, stable releases of firewall operating systems, and firewalls are configured and managed by industry experts, with 24/7 monitoring and support.