The Internet has made many tasks easier and global developments more easily accessible. In this online-everything environment, your employees are constantly connected, performing various tasks from their laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

This means demands for bandwidth are constantly rising, which could become a problem if there’s not enough supply to support your business-critical applications.

Internet Extra from Internet Solutions provides an extra pipe of dedicated bandwidth for online activities like banking or video streaming that aren’t essential to your day-to-day operations.

Keep employees productive and happy

A solution that allows you to focus on critical tasks

Providing people with Internet freedom

Online activities and employee browsing that aren’t directly related to work can consume as much as 40% to 60% of bandwidth, placing pressure on your network and potentially affecting the speed and performance of important business applications.

Simply banning all non-essential traffic isn’t the answer – you recognise that your employees need to perform some personal tasks during working hours. They may go online to do their banking and shopping, stay up to date with the news, or check in on social media. Or they may want access to the latest research, learning tools and training videos from across the globe – content that’s work-related but not necessarily mission-critical.

Internet Extra gives you the freedom to provide your employees with the Internet access they need, without compromising on mission-critical aspects of your business. Whether your analytics team needs access to data-intensive applications, or your marketing team needs to download large files of videos or product brochures from designers,

You can still provide the rest of your teams with Internet freedom without affecting the daily tasks of other teams.

Take some pressure off your IT team

By using this service, you show that you understand and are willing to accommodate your employees’ need to use the Internet for activities that aren’t directly related to work, even if it’s just for a limited time each day. You also take some pressure off your IT team, as they don’t have to constantly reprimand staff for using too much bandwidth for tasks that aren’t deemed critical to their work or to the business.

Freeing up your IT resources to focus on other, more strategic, projects will allow your business to grow in line with the ever-increasing requirements of a digital business world while accommodating the connection needs of all your employees. And, best of all, you can continue along your IT environment growth and development journey with the peace of mind that comes with Internet Extra’s reliable and automatic traffic diversion, and built-in network stability.

An extra bandwidth pipe for non-critical traffic

Enough Internet access for everyone

Automatically divert traffic to ensure performance and productivity

Manually monitoring the traffic and bandwidth use of an entire organisation is a near-impossible task. Relying on human intervention to successfully divert and control traffic, 24/7, could put a massive strain on your IT team and lead to several issues going undetected. With Internet Extra, you’re able to separate traffic that’s not directly related to running your business from traffic that is. The non-essential traffic is diverted to its own bandwidth pipe.

In this way, the critical Internet connectivity needed to keep your customers happy and your business running is never compromised. And neither is the happiness of your employees, as the decision of where to divert traffic is made at the firewall, they will enjoy the same online access and user experience.

As much as you need, as fast as you want

Just as the business networking needs of organisations differ, so do the Internet access policies they have for their employees. There could even be different policies for different teams who might need access to video streaming, super-fast downloading or data-intensive services to get their jobs done.

Internet Extra is available in capped and uncapped packages wherever we have laid fibre. Your bandwidth can be as fast as you want, from 2 Mbps to 200 Mbps, and you can choose as much as you need, from 50 GB to 500 GB, to ensure your teams can stay connected and remain productive.

Keep critical applications performing at their best

Don’t let unnecessary applications slow you down

More effective bandwidth management

Internet Extra helps to promote a work environment that’s not restrictive. It drives productivity by enabling online access to different sites and types of content, without hampering the bandwidth required for business-critical traffic.

Ensuring that certain online applications or activities aren’t slowing bandwidth and impeding the performance of important business services, allows for more effective bandwidth management for business-critical applications. Non-essential traffic simply won’t affect the important and data-driven applications your teams need to access.

Leave the management to us

Managing your additional bandwidth for business needs can become tricky. You need to stay in control of exactly what access your employees have, but you don’t always have the time or resources to keep an eye on your bandwidth all the time. This is why Internet Extra is managed by us but controlled by you – you define what’s critical and needs to take priority, and what can be diverted to the separate bandwidth pipe, and we take care of the rest.

We know how stressful it can be to maintain an always-connected environment, which is why our expert engineers are on standby, 24/7 support to provide any support you might need.

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