It’s practically impossible to guarantee that your network is free from security flaws, as vulnerabilities can lurk anywhere: in hardware, application software and operating systems. It’s also not feasible to monitor every user action that could expose your organisation to a security risk.

With hackers getting smarter and IT networks becoming more complex, you need an intrusion prevention system (IPS) that can help secure your business and protect your information assets.

Intrusion Prevention Solutions, hosted in our secure data centres, identifies and automatically deals with known, zero-day (unknown), and denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Constant, up-to-date intrusion prevention

Automated real-time threat updates

Prevention is certainly better than the cure

IPS operates 24/7, keeping a vigilant watch on network traffic. By not only detecting but also responding to attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in your network, IPS keeps your corporate data assets safe and protects your corporate reputation. It also helps you prevent the loss of work, time and money that could result from a successful network attack. Because when it comes to online security risks, prevention is certainly better than cure.

Automated real-time threat updates

IPS software is continually updated with new signatures and other measures for offering protection against newly discovered vulnerabilities. These updates are delivered as soon as they are available, so you can be confident that your intrusion protection system is working with the latest security tools.

Scan. Identify. Respond

Protect the information assets and personal data your business holds

Protect your business information assets and data

Intrusion Prevention Solutions (IPS) is available to clients who have hosted services with Internet Solutions.

Having systems in place to protect the information assets and personal data your business holds is non-negotiable. The function of an IPS is to constantly monitor network traffic and, as the name implies, to prevent attacks that may threaten the security of these assets.

The IPS system continually scans for and identify potential exploits – that is, attempts to attack and gain control of assets in your network by exploiting a vulnerability in security.

If an exploit attempt is detected, the system responds to it quickly, based on the rules you have defined for that particular threat. For example, it can send an alert, drop a malicious packet, and block traffic from the source address while allowing legitimate traffic to continue on the network.

First line defence:

Operating systems that don’t have the latest patches can be more open to being compromised. IPS protects networks or servers from unpatched operating systems, giving you time to patch the environment without the risk of infection.

Features of Intrusion Prevention Solutions

To ensure maximum effectiveness, the intrusion prevention system software has the following features:

  • Anomaly-based (learning) detection: IPS uses protocol and application anomaly detection to identify deviations from the normal behaviour of network traffic. But it doesn’t stop there – in contrast to a conventional intrusion detection system, which simply notifies the administrator of any anomalies detected on the network, IPS is designed to automatically defend the target without the administrator's direct involvement. This is done by applying rules you have defined for responding to various anomalies.
  • Signature-based and signature-less inspection: Signatures are rule sets that are used to detect activities such as DoS attacks. IPS works with signatures to identify known attacks but can also identify and prevent attacks that don’t yet have signatures.

With signature-based inspection, IPS scans network traffic to look for signature patterns of known attacks. It then compares these patterns with an extensive database of signatures to determine whether a network packet is malicious, and responds accordingly.

With signature-less inspection, IPS can identify malicious traffic and stop attacks that haven’t been seen before and therefore don’t have signatures yet.

Intrusion protection systems that work for your business, 24/7

You’re assured of maximum availability of the service

Assured maximum service availability

The Intrusion Prevention Solutions environment is hosted in our secure data centres, and is built with high levels of redundancy, so you’re assured of maximum availability of the service. The solution can be scaled up to meet the requirements of any business, regardless of size.