The future of wireless connectivity

With high speed, top-quality Internet access, LTE-A offers the best connectivity even for the most demanding users and applications.
Growing consumer demands, unique business needs and sophisticated technological advancements require next-generation network coverage. This puts local Internet service providers (ISPs) under constant pressure to offer faster, more reliable connectivity that’s still affordable to the consumer.
Internet Solutions has partnered with Rain to deliver a next-generation LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) network that will connect you to the unlimited opportunities of the digital universe.
By being part of the LTE-A world, you’ll be able to offer your customers fibre-like connectivity at competitive prices.

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Putting you at the forefront of connectivity

Better business sustainability

LTE-A is the future of wireless connectivity. By adding LTE-A to your current offering, you can grow your business through an expanded product portfolio, and demonstrate to your customers that you’re responsive to new technologies and consumer demand – all of which contributes to better business sustainability.



Benefits of wireless broadband

Wherever there is high-density LTE-A coverage, you and your customers have distinct advantages over a wired network like ADSL or fibre, particularly if you’re looking to deliver services to customers quickly with minimal disruption during installation. As network coverage improves, LTE-A becomes an increasingly an attractive alternative to traditional broadband connectivity.

Coverage that grows weekly

With LTE-A, you are part of a network that is constantly expanding its coverage. The Rain LTE-A network already extends across South Africa’s major centres and metropolitan areas, and new sites are added weekly, enabling you to offer customers holistic access to your network.

A true LTE-A experience

Improved quality and throughput

Delivered over the Rain network, with services provisioned by Internet Solutions, LTE-A delivers a true fibre like experience and gives your customers the benefit of a network that is fast and reliable.

An awesome user experience

With fibre like speeds that are significantly faster than what’s available on current networks, greater quality of service and more consistent coverage, your customers can enjoy the advantages of faster, better and more consistent data transfer rates.

Real-time speed. Really.

With network speeds of up to 150 Mpbs and better throughput, you can offer consumers high speeds and high-quality connectivity – a significant benefit to business users. LTE-A can also meet the standards and demands of more intense online applications used by both the individual and business consumer. Network-intense applications like gaming and media streaming can now reach individual consumers faster, while businesses can provide a reliable and more diverse network for an ever-growing workforce.



Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

Internet Solutions acts as Rain’s ‘open access’ go-to-market partner for its LTE-A product, providing local ISPs with fibre-like connectivity. IS is already integrated with all existing major telcos, and has a sophisticated billing and management platform for you to administer the packages you market to customers.



A robust network

LTE-A lets your customers enjoy a more robust network service with reliable connectivity. This means less downtime and fewer dropped connections, so they can enjoy the true fibre like experience. A high quality of service means you can offer customers a sustainable network to meet their business and individual needs at all time.

Competitive pricing for commercial LTE-A

IS can offer competitively priced access to LTE-A with minimal (if any) additional investment needed in your current infrastructure. This makes it all the more affordable for local ISPs to acquire and provide LTE commercially to customers.