Cloud hosting services offer access to sophisticated technology and flexible IT environments, without the capital outlay. But these environments aren’t immune to issues like slow response times and system unavailability.

Cloud Managed Hosting helps you minimise the risks and maximise the benefits of your hosted solution. Our expert technical teams monitor your environment 24/7 and respond quickly to events that could affect availability or performance.

We make sure your operations are running on secure, stable infrastructure, so you can focus your resources on projects that will take your business further.

Making sure your hosted environment works for you

Enjoy optimal performance and reliable support

Get the most out of your IT investment

Cloud hosting can be an enabler of growth and innovation, but without expert management, your server hosting service won’t deliver the benefits you expect.

Failures or poor performance in the hosted environment can have a significant impact on your business: slow response times, downtime, unavailable systems and data loss can result in financial and reputational damage.

While you need the assurance that your cloud environment is performing optimally and will continue to support the needs of the organisation, it may not make business sense to find and recruit people with the necessary skills to manage your environment effectively.

Plug into our skills and expertise

By outsourcing the routine management of your hosted environments to qualified technicians with the right skills and expertise.

You can enjoy the benefits of a high-performing environment and get maximum gains from your IT investment.

With a platform of fast, stable and secure infrastructure, your employees can access and use business applications to communicate, collaborate and transact quickly and effectively, improving productivity and innovation. Best of all, they can do this safely and securely knowing someone is on the clock, 24/7, making sure the work they do will not be impacted by system delays or loss of data.

Our expert technical teams take care of your network

Cloud Managed Hosting gives you access to our skilled, expert technical teams who will manage your hosted IT environments for optimal performance. We take care of routine tasks such as patching and backups, monitor the environment 24/7, and respond quickly to events that affect system availability or performance. This mitigates the risk of having a slow or unresponsive environment that can result in productivity loss or damages.

A range of options for your managed hosted environment

Optimise your business hosted environment, fast

Expert management, 24/7 monitoring and routine maintenance

What is cloud hosting? Simply put, cloud hosting takes place when organisation outsources it's computing and storage resources to a service provider that offers infrastructure services. As a cloud hosting provider, we offer more than just infrastructure. Cloud Managed Hosting is an outsourcing arrangement that gives you access to our expertise for IT maintenance.

Expert management of your hosted environment

Our technical teams monitor and maintain the IT infrastructure hosted in our data centres for optimal performance, mitigating the risk of slow or unresponsive environment that could result in productivity loss or damages.

24/7 monitoring for maximum uptime

We monitor all elements of the hosted environment (hardware and software) that you lease from us, and respond quickly and proactively to events affecting availability, performance, backups or patching. We also monitor the capacity of the environment and recommend cost-effective solutions for adding infrastructure as your business grows.

Routine maintenance and backups

Routine tasks such as application and operating system patching are an essential part of business continuity, but in a busy environment they can sometimes fall by the wayside.

With our expert teams on-hand you don’t need to worry about this, as we also provide options for backup and recovery testing and restores.

Maintain control over performance

With access to reports on server availability and performance, you can view reports on the performance of the hosted environment and maintain control over your managed server hosting solution without being unduly involved in the day-to-day running of it.

Package options

You can choose between two Cloud Managed Hosting packages, Silver and Gold, each giving you a tailored choice of response times, backup and recovery testing, and reporting to suit your business needs:


  • 12-hour support for mission-critical hardware on servers leased from Internet Solutions
  • Monthly reports giving an overview of performance, patching and backup


  • One disaster recovery and backup test a year
  • 2-hour first response time
  • 8-hour support for mission-critical hardware on servers leased from Internet Solutions
  • Detailed monthly reports on performance, patching and backup

Even more cost-effective benefits for your business

Support and management applications that suit you

Extensive features, easy budgeting

With Cloud Managed Hosting, you pay from month to month for the services you use, making it easier to budget and manage costs. You don’t need to employ additional resources as your hosted environment as your business grows – leave this to us. We understand how to adapt your infrastructure to growing business needs. Because you’re dealing with just one provider, managing your hosted environment becomes a lot less complex.

When it comes to Cloud Managed Hosting, you don’t compromise on quality of service by opting for a cost-effective solution to suit your business. Regardless of the package you choose, you will receive the following:

  • Guaranteed high performance and speed
  • Microsoft and Redhat Enterprise Linux OS support
  • Microsoft and Linux LAMP application and operating system patching
  • One system restore a year, from backup, if the system is infected or corrupted

Support and management applications

Cloud Managed Hosting includes a range of support and management applications:

  • Operating system management and monthly patching
  • Active Directory management
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services management
  • Microsoft SQL Server management
  • Microsoft Exchange management
  • Microsoft and Redhat Enterprise Linux OS support
  • Microsoft and Linux LAMP application and operating system patching
  • Linux LAMP stack management
  • Anti-virus management

Thanks to this extended range of support and management applications, you have the flexibility to grow your cloud-based operations in a way that makes sense to your business and your IT infrastructure.

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