The massive volumes of data generated and stored by online applications can put significant pressure on your disk-storage system.

Managing capacity by incrementally adding disks to your servers can be problematic and disruptive. It can also affect uptime and, in severe instances, result in disk failures, which you certainly want to avoid.

Our Managed SAN service is a hosted storage solution available to clients that host their business applications in any of our data centres. It enables fast access to storage and the ability to quickly scale up disk storage when needed.

Greater flexibility, storage capacity and fast access to stored data

We ensure there is always room for growth

Increase storage capacity

We will always maintain a calculated percentage of free block space on the storage arrays to ensure there is always room for growth.

Improve application performance

Your risk of downtime is close to zero, as Managed SAN storage infrastructure is extremely resilient. This makes it an ideal service for mission-critical applications.

Reduce backup times

Managed SAN storage infrastructure is extremely resilient to failure, which means your risk of downtime is close to zero.

Ensure data security

Although Managed SAN infrastructure is shared, there are no security risks to your data. Each client connected to the SAN and can view their data only.

No data migrations

We never have to migrate your data from an older storage array to a new one. Storage arrays are upgraded in real time, with no impact on your connectivity. We make use of a modular storage strategy to ensure there are no forklift migrations, ever.

No “noisy neighbour”

Because we can guarantee performance, we eliminate the “noisy neighbour” effect of traditional arrays. In other words, your throughput will not be impacted by other hosts requiring more throughput than you.

All-flash arrays

Take advantage of the benefits of solid state storage disks with reduced latency and lightning-fast response times.

Guaranteed quality of service

With our arrays we can guarantee minimum, maximum and burst input/output operations per second (IOPS). We eliminate the bottlenecks of traditional arrays and can always guarantee minimum IOPS, limit the IOPS, or allow a burst of IOPS for a certain amount of time.

A flexible and efficient storage solution

Networking that provides access to data stored in volumes, or blocks

Simplified storage management and fast access

What is storage area network, and how could it benefit your organisation?

Technically, it’s the network that provides access to data stored in volumes, or blocks.

With block-level storage, data volumes are “blocked” together and these blocks are treated as individual hard drives, as opposed to file-level storage, which simply stores files in bulk. This enables you to manage everything as one entity, which is much more efficient. It also improves disk utilisation, so you can avoid the problem of wasted space. Block storage is more flexible and efficient, and offers better speed and performance.

Managed SAN from Internet Solutions comprises all the infrastructure needed to improve disk utilisation and storage capacity, simplify storage management, and provide fast access to stored data from multiple servers:

  • A fully configured fibre channel array and fabric switches for seamless capacity expansion
  • A storage system for each server that connects to the SAN (you decide how much disk space you need)
  • Dual fibre channel connectivity to separate fabric switches for full redundancy
  • Storage arrays with built-in resiliency
  • All cabling and ports

We install and configure the server agent and fibre channel backbone, and assign the array disks.

Access to the hosted environment is gained over a secure, high-speed fibre channel or iSCSI, eliminating network bottlenecks to enable rapid access to your stored data. And, if a switch does fail, connectivity is automatically rerouted to the next switch thanks to failover software loaded onto each server.

Benefit from our expertise and infrastructure

Cost-effective hardware sharing among clients

Shared hardware without compromising on benefits or security

Designing and setting up a storage area network is a complex task that requires a high level of skill.

With Managed SAN, you benefit from our expertise in implementing these networks, as well as from using our infrastructure. And the capital-intensive costs of purchasing and managing an equivalent infrastructure in our data centre or on your local area network are no longer a factor.

Hardware is shared among clients that use Managed SAN, making it more cost-effective, but without compromising on the benefits or security of the solution.

Internet Solutions manages and supports the service and monitors the storage area network 24/7 to ensure availability and maintain high levels of performance.