When using the applications that are part of their daily lives and work, people expect fast connections and excellent performance.

While networks are under increasing pressure to keep up with growing volumes of data, hosted applications and public cloud services, there’s added pressure to balance user demands for high-performing applications with a bandwidth supply that doesn’t wreck your budget.

Network OVC (Network Optimisation, Visibility and Control) gives you tools to monitor and manage application performance and network traffic so you can deliver a great user experience without having to invest in bandwidth you don’t actually need.

Ensure availability and consistent performance

Maximum application performance with minimum bandwidth use

Give users the application performance they expect

Whatever application they’re using, people expect to access it quickly. They also expect it to perform in a certain way so they can work productively.

One way of meeting these expectations is to add more bandwidth as the number (and complexity) of applications grow and network traffic increases. However, this is costly – and not always necessary. You can run the risk of overinvesting and having too much bandwidth.

By maximising the functioning of the network itself, you can deliver a great user experience smartly, instead of simply adding on (expensive) bandwidth you may not even need. Network OVC allows you to combine, replace, re-engineer or even remove applications to get more out of the network. It also helps you determine the right amount of bandwidth needed to deliver the application performance your business requires.

Minimise downtime and enable productivity

As businesses continue to grow, increasing volumes of data and cloud applications can put immense strain on the network. The last thing you need when you’re expanding your innovative business is slow response times or, even worse, network unavailability. Any kind of application downtime can be costly to your organisation in terms of sales, customer experience, missed deadlines, employee frustration and loss of productivity.

With Network OVC, you can ensure application performance and a consistent quality of experience for local and remote users when they access and use applications, whether on-site or in the cloud. You can also enable productivity by measuring user satisfaction, monitoring application performance, and giving bandwidth priority to critical applications.

Proactive network management and better cost control

Optimise your network management systems

An application-aware network that meets user expectations

Network OVC is a network management system that monitors the performance and use of applications from the perspective of the user. Simply put, performance is determined by how satisfied users are with the way each application performs.

This proactive management of network traffic is the key to maintaining application performance and guaranteeing user satisfaction while minimising the use of bandwidth (and reducing associated costs).

In an application-aware network, you have an accurate view of which applications are being used, by how many people, and how well they are performing according to user expectations. Service levels are designed to maximise application performance using as little bandwidth as possible.

With this knowledge, you can fine-tune information systems in real time to deliver the best user experience on critical applications, without necessarily adding on more bandwidth to accommodate demand.

Components of Network OVC

Network OVC offers three core components and three optional features to help manage your intricate mix of application traffic and user demand.

Core components of Network OVC:

  • Professional Audit of the current state of the network, application usage, and performance so you can make informed decisions about IT investments and application service levels
  • Visibility of application usage and performance across the network, in real time, presented on a management dashboard
  • Prioritisation of critical applications by adjusting the flow of network traffic in real time to ensure an optimal user experience

Optional features of Network OVC:

  • Optimisation of application performance through compression, caching, and the acceleration of delay-sensitive applications in order to reduce bandwidth consumption
  • Hybrid Networking unifies the management of the network and automatically chooses the best path available. Ideal for organisations with dual routes, through different networks, to the same destination, with different last-mile links
  • Rightsizing assesses the bandwidth required to meet user demands for critical and non-critical applications, aligning your IT budget with business requirements

Whatever the feature, you can focus on users’ quality of experience while proactively managing their requirements with this network monitor system.

Proactive network management and better cost control

Lightening the management load

Accurate monitoring to determine requirements

If you want your employees to enjoy the benefits of using advanced applications, cloud services and converged communication tools on a reliable, high-performing computer network, you need to have a holistic view of their bandwidth requirements. By being able to monitor and proactively manage your network, you’re in a better position to cater for increasing volumes of data and more sophisticated applications as your business grows or becomes more complex.

You are also in a good position to optimise bandwidth use – without compromising on application performance – and more accurately predict bandwidth requirements, which will go a long way towards keeping bandwidth costs under control.

A fully managed and supported service

To top it all off, you don’t have to worry about operational issues: Network OVC is a fully managed service for monitoring application performance and managing your complex mix of application traffic. We take care of the optimisation and control your network needs so you can focus on identifying forward-thinking opportunities to take your high-performing network to a whole new strategic level.

You’ll also have access to 24/7 support from our Global Service Centre which gives you a direct line to our team of expert engineers who are ready to assist you whenever you need them to.

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