One of the most popular – and profitable – forms of cybercrime, phishing places both your employees and business at risk. Security breaches originating with email scams range from identity theft to capturing usernames and passwords to access sensitive information.

As phishing strategies become more sophisticated, fake messages are harder to spot, even by the not-so-gullible. Ongoing, proactive employee education is therefore your strongest defence against this cybersecurity threat. PhishNet is a managed security service that allows you to conduct ongoing campaigns to educate users about the latest phishing tactics, and identify those who are at risk and need additional training.

Practical employee education help reduces security risk

Because we tend to learn better from experience than theory

Informed and alert employees are the best defense against phishing attacks

The PhishNet approach can be a lot more powerful than simply reminding employees about company policies or sending emails that explain the concepts of the latest phishing techniques.

Informed, alert employees are less likely to be deceived by email scams and more likely to respond appropriately to suspected phishing attempts. PhishNet helps your employs become the best weapon your business has against this kind of threat.

Run your own phishing campaigns to improve online security

Phishing emails are no longer the amateurish efforts they used to be

PhishNet is a powerful way to educate your employees

It’s now much easier to be taken in by a “genuine fake” that, at first glance, seems to be from a friend, the bank, or even a company claiming to offer protection against online security attacks. It’s almost second nature to click on links in emails, and that’s all it takes to be directed to the phishing site.

We’re even more likely to follow a link to a fake website when we’re viewing emails on mobile devices, as the smaller screens make it harder to distinguish legitimate addresses.

PhishNet is a powerful way to educate employees about how to prevent phishing as it gives them accurate examples of the latest social engineering methods used in email scams.

You give us a list of contacts and we send a phishing message to those contacts. The purpose of these PhishNet campaigns is to demonstrate what a phishing lure looks like, how it works, and how people could be tricked into clicking on unsafe links or giving away personal information.

Ongoing awareness to guard against email scams

We launch and monitor PhishNet campaigns on your behalf

Use our campaigns to educate and protect your employees

We launch and monitor PhishNet campaigns on your behalf so you can educate and protect users – and your business – from phishing attempts and the ever-evolving threat of social engineering.

We also track their responses and give you reports and data that will help you take a targeted approach to employee education.

You’ll be able to see who clicked on the link and who supplied information such as their personal or credit card details. You can identify users who are at risk because of vulnerable software or outdate browsers, and those who need further education and training on cybersecurity.

You can run as many campaigns as you need to in order to raise awareness about online security threats. Campaigns are quick and easy to set up, and costs are based on the number of users on the contacts list.

Phish your users, before someone else does!