You understand the importance of making remote network access available for people to connect to business applications when they need to, wherever they are. But doing so can present risks to your corporate network security.

If your employees are using email addresses and passwords as authentication to access your network over the Internet, you could be an easy target for security breaches. These credentials can easily be stolen, leaving your business and client data open to prying eyes.

Secure Connect is a network authentication service that takes the uncertainty out of connecting your people to your corporate network.

Confidently manage a mobile workforce

Stay informed, in real time

Mobilise your people

Having better security means you can do better business. With Secure Connect, people can work from anywhere across a secure connection. It lets them safely connect to your corporate network or cloud platforms from their mobile devices, allowing them to instantly share ideas and information, and helping you keep up with the pace of a growing business.

Connect, securely

Because employees can connect to your corporate network securely, there’s less risk of security breaches caused by lost or stolen employee credentials, which means better protection of valuable client data, personal information and intellectual property. This helps protect your business against potential financial, reputational or productivity losses.

Stay informed, in real time

Employees receive an alert each time they try to log in, so they’ll know if someone else is trying to hack the system using their information and will be able to alert your IT security team to take further action.



Management made easy

Everything on Secure Connect is done through our Web-based management portal, where you can add and change users, and view real-time reports on access requests and usage.

This allows you to seamlessly manage the users on your network and keep an eye on who accesses your network when.

More security, less hassle

Send data safely, from anywhere

Connect safely to your corporate network from anywhere

With Secure Connect from Internet Solutions, employees can safely connect to your corporate network over the Internet from anywhere, on any device. It’s simple to install and manage, and uses a watertight authentication system to help ensure network and data security.

Double the security with two-factor authentication

Secure Connect adds a double layer of authentication to the login process to ensure that an employee’s login credentials can’t be stolen or cloned.

Two-factor authentication generates a unique access code each time someone wants to log in to the network, while further encryption of the connection path to the corporate network keeps their login details secure.

Each unique code is valid only once, and is generated using algorithms, which makes it harder to guess or intercept.


Password authentication is a thing of the past

Passwords or email addresses can easily be stolen by using malware on mobile devices, or simply by accessing a list of passwords that might be stored digitally.

You don’t have to worry about these details falling into the wrong hands anymore. Employees can request an access code by using either their Secure Connect card – a credit card-sized unit that displays the unique access code – or the Secure Connect app. Either way, a new code will be generated by our algorithms and sent to them every time they log in.

Send data safely, from anywhere

All data transferred between an employee’s device and the corporate network is encrypted using SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network). This means you can send client and business data from and to a mobile device without worrying about it being hacked or intercepted.

Secure Connect is also a Web-based system, so it can be used with any device and over any connection (e.g. 3G or Wi-Fi) – all employees need is an Internet connection and the Secure Connect application.

Flexible, accessible, no hidden costs

A reliable data protection service that can grow with your business

Reliable data protection with access from any device and connection

Secure Connect offers a reliable data protection service that can grow with your business. You are not limited to the number of codes you can generate, there is no limit to the number of users you can add, plus you can quickly add new users as often as you need to. There are no extra charges for generating codes, so your employees can log on as frequently as they want to without you worrying about increasing usage costs.

Because it’s a Web-based system, Secure Connect can be accessed from any device and over any connectivity medium.

With Secure Connect, there’s no need to invest in hardware or software, or worry about ongoing maintenance and updates – we take care of all of this for you, and provide 24/7 support. You simply pay a one-off setup fee and a monthly fee per user. No extra costs as the workload grows, no hidden charges if you need to increase the frequency of use. This makes it easier to budget and manage costs for online security services.