SkyLight provides on-demand access to different local and global cloud service platforms, giving you more options for building a virtual environment that meets and responds to the demands of your business.

It also gives you better control over all the cloud platforms you’re using – with SkyLight, you can view, deploy and modify all these environments from one management portal.

Different pricing and payment options make it easier for you to budget for, and manage the costs of, your virtual environment.


Test ideas and quickly deploy solutions.

Not sure if a new idea is pie in the sky or blue-sky thinking?

With a choice of top cloud platforms and instant access to virtual computing, storage and network capabilities, you’re free to try out new business and technology solutions before taking them to market.

Need to enable Web-based and software as a service (SaaS) applications, fast?

Quickly deploy the infrastructure you need in a virtual environment that can expand as your business grows.

Manage all your cloud platforms from one place

Using more than one cloud platform means working with different interfaces, which can get complicated … and tedious. You could be doing better things with your time than switching between cloud management systems.

SkyLight replaces these admin irritations with a single platform that enables you to run all the cloud platforms you use from one place, making it much easier to control your entire virtual environment.

With everything in one place, life in the cloud is a breeze.

By logging into the SkyLight portal, you’re able to set up and manage different workloads on different clouds, monitor performance, and view real-time reports across all the cloud platforms you use (including ones from other service providers).

Having a complete view of all your current environments as well as insight into how they can adapt to changing business requirements helps you manage stakeholder expectations and forecast future requirements more effectively.


The sky is your playground

The sky is your playground: SkyLight platforms

You can choose from three SkyLight packages, each offering different levels of flexibility and control over your virtual environment with instant access to a range of cloud platforms from other providers.

Each package comes with its own range of options, so you can select the environment and performance level that best suits your entire business, a particular department, or specific deployments and workloads:

Standard Virtual Machines are suitable for a “server replacement” approach, giving you a range of options for configuring your CPU, RAM and storage for different types of applications.

Virtual Data Centre enables you to develop virtual data centres by provisioning virtual servers from a pool of CPU, RAM and storage, also with a range of configuration options.

Public Cloud gives you almost unlimited resources on secure, high-performing infrastructure.

SkyLight resources are managed and maintained 24/7 by our highly skilled engineers, and are housed in our secure, high-performing data centres. This means your customers and employees will have fast, secure access to the business tools and applications your company uses.

Cloud platforms from other providers

With SkyLight, you’ll also have on-demand access to a range of cloud platforms from the following providers:

  • Amazon EC2: Designed for developers, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud provides a range of compute instances in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.
  • Dimension Data Cloud: A suite of cloud services and solutions, including hybrid, private and public cloud.
  • Internet Solutions Cloud: Rapidly deployable co-location space, software-as-a-service, hosting, managed services, virtual servers and security services available in 11 data centres across five countries.
  • Microsoft Azure: A collection of integrated cloud services for creating and managing services and applications through a network of data centres managed by Microsoft.


Fixed contract or flexible billing

Fixed contract or flexible billing

Some of the SkyLight cloud management platforms are available on a fixed contract, making it easy to budget for; others give you the option to be billed for only the resources you use.

Detailed usage statistics will show you exactly where you’re spending your money.

If you’re considering a more flexible option, you can use SkyLight’s billing function to see what it would cost to increase resources in any of the cloud platforms you have available, allowing for more accurate costing and budgeting.

A consolidated bill for all platforms

And speaking of billing, you’ll be a lot more popular with your finance department when you present just a single, consolidated bill – in rands – for all the cloud storage platforms and cloud management platforms you use.

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